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From New Line Cinema, Peter Jackson and Warner Bros. comes J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, brought to the big screen in an epic trilogy. Weta Workshop was thrilled to return to Middle-earth once again, contributing design, specialty props and specialty costu


1:6 scale statue - Limited Edition of 800
(W x H x L) 0 cm x 0 cm x 0 cm
Weight: 0 lbs (0 kg)

When Thorin and his company of Dwarf loyalists reclaim the Lonely Mountain from the Dragon Smaug, the quest to take back their home and treasure becomes a mission to defend it.

The survivors of Lake-town and an army of Elves from the Woodland Realm sit encamped upon the doorsteps of Erebor, threatening to lay siege to what Thorin considers his alone, by right.

A raven is dispatched to the east, calling Thorin’s cousin Dain Ironfoot to join the fight. With an army of several hundred doughty Dwarf warriors at his back Dain rides his burly war pig boldly onto the battlefield to confront his enemies. Taunting Thranduil, King of the Woodland realm, the wild-haired, armour-clad Dwarf Lord of the Iron Hills is spoiling to match his red hammer against the smug Elf’s blades.

Daniel Falconer discusses the auction lots.

Our authentic prop replicas and collectibles are designed by the very same artists who have worked on the three films, so effectively they come straight from Middle-earth.

Richard Taylor - CEO & Co-founder, Weta Workshop

Please note: Images are of a pre-production prototype. Each collectible statue is hand painted and variations will occur.

Behind-the-Scenes on The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Weta Workshop’s high-quality collectibles are designed by the very same artists and technicians who work on our movies. It takes hundreds of hours to design, sculpt, model make, mold, and paint the prototype for each new Middle-earth piece. Whether it be a prop replica, beautiful environment or iconic character, we treat our collectibles with the same level of care and attention to detail that we bring to our film work.

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  1. Fantastic piece!
    So happy to have this piece - a future grail!

    Review by

  2. Give them a hammering!
    A dwarf warrior seems comical, one astride a pig even more so. But flesh him out in full armour and make the pig a War Boar and you laugh at your peril!
    Dain is fierce as is his steed. Both are ornately armoured and heavily detailed.
    There is weathering to the outfits and armour along with great use of high enamel mettalic paint to highlight certain elements to full effect. Great attacking pose, fierce likeness to Billy Connelly's heavily made up Dain and a must have character in collections of Hobbit lore. A sturdy, 6 piece statue that once again highlights Weta artists craftsmanship. Well sculpted, great design, lovely weathered paint job. Love it!

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  3. Dain iron foot
    Well what can i say hobbits second rider to he is amazing unlike azog the statue comes in magnetised parts which stick together alot better than one complete statue making them alot more detailed paint was very good and the sculpt is awsome so much work has gone into a must have and instant grail ty

    Review by

  4. Gorgeous
    This statue is immaculate, and the paint glistens when hit with light, by far my favorite statue I own...Obviously because of the pig ;)

    Review by

  5. Jaw-dropping
    I received Dain a couple days ago and I must say this piece is absolutely stunning...even better than I expected. The detail is just incredible. Everything from the feathers on his helm all the way to the terrain beneath the boar's hooves. I have found myself frequently admiring every square inch of Dain and his boar.

    I am a huge fan of dwarves and I feel that a character like Dain, coupled with his boar and the extremely dynamic pose truly captures the epitome of what a dwarf represents.

    I have absolutely no regrets purchasing this item.

    Review by

  6. Can't Wait
    I cannot wait to see this piece! After seeing it in videos from Comic Con it just looks amazing. A little surprised at the price but that didn't stop me on this one! I will review again when I receive it - great job WETA!

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  7. AUD dollar stops me
    Weta have so much good stuff, but for the last 6 months the Australian dollar has truly ruined the chance for me to afford these awesome statues.. currently this would cost me $680 :O(
    No ones fault, just bad luck.

    Review by

  8. not for many
    only 800 for sale. seems only few wil own it . still a very nice example of a bold dwarf that has to few movie time :)

    Review by

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