The edition size was set at 737 based on the number of pre-orders placed over a 2 week period from 2PM 21st June to 2PM 5th July (PDT).

Like all of our limited edition products, this item will no longer be reproduced.

The estimated delivery for this item is the 1st Quarter 2024.
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Wētā Workshop was intrinsically involved in the design and physical effects manufacture for all three films of The Lord of the Rings trilogy.


1:6 scale statue - Limited Edition of 737
11.41" x 20.27" x 10.23" (W x H x D) 29 cm x 51.5 cm x 26 cm
Weight: 11.023 lbs (5 kg)
Principal Sculptor:
Fabio Paiva Fabio Paiva

Fabio Paiva

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Long had Gil-galad™ led the Elves, and long had he joined with the hands of Man, to defend these lands from the forces of darkness. After a bloody campaign, beating back Sauron™’s armies to the foot of Mount Doom, Gil-galad, alongside Elendil™, steeled his resolve and strode forth to face the Dark Lord’s wrath. Whilst his foe, The Dark Lord, wielded the One Ring of Power, Gil-galad held might unimaginable; unyielding, he marched on.

Gil-galad™ was the last High King of the Noldorin Elves. Within this moment, in Middle-earth’s darkest time, he, a great king, held both the hopes and the history of his people. Capturing that uncompromising determination and staunch resolve was integral for our team to do this statue justice.


Gil-galad wasn’t alone in his final confrontation with the Dark Lord, and neither is he alone as a collectible. Designed in part as a trilogy of companion pieces, Gil-galad stands gallantly alongside Elendil™ to face off with Sauron™, creating an immaculate recreation of Middle-earth history.



  • 1:6 scale;
  • Limited Edition of 737;
  • Depicts Gil-galad as he appears in the Battle of the Last Alliance;
  • Digitally sculpted by Fabio Paiva with reference from the original movie costume;
  • Designed to be displayed with companion pieces Elendil and Sauron, Lord of the Rings.

“Even though Gil-galad™ received a relatively minor amount of screen time, playing such an important role in the history of Middle-earth, he was always a character we dearly wanted to portray. In creating this collectible, we wanted to honour the High Elven King; treating him with the respect he so deserves.”

Jules German – Creative Director of Consumer Products, Wētā Workshop

Orders for this piece are open for a strictly limited time, from 2PM 21st June to 2PM 5th July (PDT). The final edition size will be determined by the total number of orders made during this period. No more, no less.

Please note: Images are of a pre-production prototype. Each piece is hand painted and some variations may occur.

It takes hundreds of hours to design, sculpt, model, make, mold, and paint the prototype for each new Middle-earth piece. Whether it be a prop replica, beautiful environment, or iconic character, we treat our collectibles with the same level of care and attention to detail that we bring to our film work.

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