Winner of seventeen Academy Awards, The Lord of the Rings was brought to the big screen by New Line Cinema and directed by Peter Jackson. Weta Workshop was intrinsically involved in the design and physical effects manufacture for all three films.


1:6 scale statue - Limited Edition of 750
(W x H x L) 29 cm x 34 cm x 19 cm
Weight: 7.496 lbs (3.4 kg)
Principal Sculptor:
Daniel Cockersell Daniel Cockersell

Daniel Cockersell

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The son of King Elendil, Isildur fought beside his father as they laid siege to Mordor. Despite their bravery, none could withstand the approach of the Dark Lord Sauron, wielder of the One Ring of Power.

Elendil was slain by a single blow from Sauron’s mace and Isildur lay prone before his enemy, but as the Dark Lord loomed over the fallen prince, Isildur snatched the hilt of his father’s broken sword and struck wildly. The prince’s swipe cleaved the Ring from Sauron’s hand and in so doing the Dark Lord’s power was undone. Sauron’s body was destroyed and the war won.

Yet even in defeat were the seeds of Sauron’s ultimate victory laid, for the One Ring remained, and with it the spirit of the Dark Lord’s was bound to Middle-earth. Staggering to his feet, Isildur beheld this strange treasure, gazing upon it in awe. Yet given the choice to destroy it and end the threat of Sauron for all time, the prince instead claimed the Ring as his prize. As his gloved fingers closed about it, the Ring in turn claimed Isildur and worked its dark influence upon him, corrupting his weak mortal soul as it would all those who bore it after him.

Our authentic prop replicas and collectibles are designed by the very same artists who have worked on the three films, so effectively they come straight from Middle-earth.

Richard Taylor - CEO & Co-founder, Weta Workshop


Although his screen time was comparatively brief, Isildur was nevertheless a pivotal character in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and embodied some of Weta Workshop’s finest costume and weapon work.

With intricate inlays of brass and elvish writing, Narsil (which ultimately became Andúril) was one such example. As the blade was to be shattered by the foot of Sauron during the prologue, the sequence required a collection of breakaway swords. These swords, cut into the same exacting seven individual shards, were glued together and broken again and again to capture the moment.

Distilling this complex scene into collectible form, was senior sculptor Daniel Cockersell – no stranger to Middle-earth, having formed part of Weta Workshop’s physical sculpting team on The Hobbit. Isildur stands complete in 1:6 scale: gazing at the One Ring, broken hilt of Narsil still clutched in one hand.


Daniel Falconer discusses the auction lots

Please note: this statue was designed and prototyped here in the Workshop. Images show a pre-production prototype. Each statue is painted by hand and slight variations will occur.

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  1. Perfection!
    This statue is so amazingly detailed! I think it is one of my current favorites. I wasn\'t sure about getting it, but thankfully decided to do so, and I don\'t regret it. The detail in his chain mail is stunning, as well as all the other many details in his clothing, the ring, and the head. All perfection, well done Weta!

    Review by

  2. Super awesome!
    I love the work that was put into creating this detailed piece that captures the essence of the moment in the film! 99% perfect, just a small fingerprint it seemz on one of the broken sword pieces. Otherwise legit quality work.

    Review by

  3. Weta, never again!
    I had ordered Isildur with a three month payment plan. First payment ok, the second payment ok, third payment failed, twice, and the card inserted was always the same. Then I enter the data of another card, but also the third payment attempt has failed and the order has been canceled (so I lost 15% of the total non-refundable). I have been trying to contact customer service for two days, I have not received any answers. I\'m really disappointed.

    Review by

  4. Almost perfect
    The statue is powerful and exactly what I’m looking for in my collection. It captures the moment well and the details are amazing. The only downside on this one is that I find Isildurs eyes are kinda “too starring” and white-looking. Maybe it’s just my ex tho.

    Review by

  5. One of the best damn statues Weta ever produced IMHO...
    This one came out like a dream...As close to perfect as it gets...I wish Thranduil came out half as good...

    Review by

  6. The Desire...
    With Isildur statue we feel the Power of the One Ring...and the evil inside it.

    Review by

  7. An All-Time Great Statue
    I was blown away when Weta revealed this piece, but even more blown away when I received mine. Isildur is an incredible statue that is one of the best statues Weta has ever put out. Pictures do not do it justice. Not even Weta’s. This is a must-have for any collection. I recommend picking it up while you can, you will regret missing out on this grail.

    Review by

  8. A step beyound
    The last statue that took my breath away was the Smaug bust untll now.Received my one today and was blown away with the sculpture.Paint job,detailing,the pose even the beautiful art box it came in.If there was any justice,this deserves to be a future relic.Every LOTR collector needs to have this in their collection.Even weta\'s own pictures cannot begin to show this piece in all its glory.Weta have taken a giant step forward in delivering this.Big thanks to all involved.Excellent work.

    Review by

  9. Gorgeous
    The statue is absolutely gorgeous; pre-ordered this as a gift to my boyfriend who absolutely adores it and for very good reason! The likeness of the face is spot on, the detail work and craftsmanship is stellar! One of my favorite parts would be the chainmail links - there are little kinks and imperfections that make it so real and like it\'s actually been worn. Thank you for excellent work once again Weta! :)

    Review by

  10. Wonderful!!!
    Beautiful statue, finely detailed.
    Definitely a must-have

    Review by

  11. Magnificient!
    Got my Isildur today and was blown away. Details are insane, paintjob is thru the roof and all that for reasonable price. It was a no brainer for me - i can highly recommend this piece - maybe one of the best Weta ever did. Chapeau!

    Review by

  12. Amazing!
    This is what I am talking about when I seek content and meaning in my statues. It\'s a pretty simple figure in a still position, but it says a lot to me. It will be a powerful and good looking piece to my collection.

    And surprisingly it\'s sold for a price that I can accept. Woop woop!

    Review by

  13. Came from nowhere and Boom!
    Right to the shelf! This piece express a lot about what POWER means. Sauron\'s helmet on the base... Wow... It´s a \"must have\" and I can´t wait to receive this one! The only thing that would be awesome (but I know would be difficult because of the statue scale) is if the ring had the elvish letters on in...

    Review by

  14. Isuldur’s bane
    All those who follow in my bloodline shall be bound to its fate for I will risk no hurt to the Ring. It is precious to me, though I buy it with great pain.\'\"...The Wallet will be suffering a similar fate, but it will be all worth it! Thumbs up for this one!

    Review by

  15. Amazing...
    Oh... my...

    It will be the best statue in my lotr collection....

    Review by

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