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Winner of seventeen Academy Awards, The Lord of the Rings was brought to the big screen by New Line Cinema and directed by Peter Jackson. Weta Workshop was intrinsically involved in the design and physical effects manufacture for all three films.
(W x H x L) 25 cm x 150 cm x 0.5 cm
Weight: 0.243 lbs (0.11 kg)

A scarf to go with your Hobbit ears! Made from the authentic silky 'Fellowship Cloak' fabric as used in the The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

This is without a doubt my favourite scarf! The fabric, weave and colours of the scarf are absolutely beautiful. Plus it's a little piece of the Fellowship cloak fabric which is, well... awesome!

Mormegil - Weta Collector

Made from 100% 'Stansborough Grey' Wool, this scarf is the perfect companion to your Hobbit Ears, either Sam's or Frodo's!

'Authentic Grey' colour.

About Stansborough

When Cheryl and Barry Eldridge of Stansborough looked to diversify the farming activities on Stansborough, their New Zealand sheep station, twelve years ago, they never knew the results would be seen on the cinema screens around the world. The homegrown woven wool from their flock of unique sheep was used by the lead characters appearing in the blockbuster The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

These scarves will ship directly from New Zealand to locations all over the world.

"A quality scarf for hobbits and non-hobbits alike.

The feel of the scarf is amazing, very rustic but smooth and comforting at the same time - you really get a sense of the traditional. I'm looking forward to wearing this everywhere I go in the future - it looks like it should last me a while yet."

LogJam - Weta Collector.

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  1. Perfect
    I absolutely adore this scarf. The quality is great, it\'s a perfect length and the colouring is beautiful. Cannot wait for winter to use it for everyday adventures.

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  2. Beautiful!
    The scarf is amazing, the weave of the fabric is really unique, and I absolutely love it!
    If you are a fan of The Lord of the Rings you need this masterpiece. And the fact that it\'s made from the same fabric as the Fellowship cloaks makes it just perfect!

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  3. Simply beautiful
    Soft, rustic, warm, beautiful, excellent quality, 100% Hobbit.

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  4. rather different than expected but interesting
    the scarf looks nothing like the picture, which has it as a sort of pale natural fleece colour such as you might expect from a regular white-ish sheep. it\'s actually very contrasty with dark brown and white fleece mixed in alternating strands, and quite a gravelly pebbly colour overall. on the films it looks blue-grey, again nothing like the piece i received, but i suspect nothing in the films looks how it does irl, lol. the colour is still pleasing - but it does itch a LOT which is going to make it challenging to wear. i have tried to soften it with a soak in hair conditioner (my go-to for woollen handknits) but it hasn\'t made a lot of difference. however i will endure and wear it anyway because i also bought the elven leaf pin to fasten it with, so you see i have no choice. the weave pattern is lovely, although looser than i was expecting. not long enough to wrap as i suspected but the pin will allow me to drape it however i like and keep it in place. let me know if you ever decide to sell a whole cloak lol. give me a few years to save up!

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  5. Hobbit Scarf
    Quality, quality item. Absolutely beautiful, Has an old fashioned rustic look and feel. One of the nicest things I own. 7 days from Order to deliver NZ to UK. No customs charges which is always nice.

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  6. Now I'm a hobbit!
    My scarf came precisely 20 minutes ago, I LOVE it! The scarf is absolutely beautiful. It looks very slightly different from how I imagined it would look, but looks exactly like the picture. My scarf came within 6 days when they said it would take 21. It is a wee bit scratchy on the neck but is every so light and warm. I saw some reviews that said the scarf was a little short, I am by my own admission a little short (5ft 5 which is around 167cm). To me the scarf is perfectly long enough, like any other scarf I've had. If you are wanting a 4th Doctor length scarf, I feel it would be better to by the Gandalf scarf. It is a fantastic edition to my Lord of the rings collection (I have many rare Tolkien related oddities) and I expect it is also perfect for everyday use. Hope this review has been useful.

    Review by

  7. Gorgeous and elegant
    Got my scarf in mail today and fell in love with it. Just what I imagined. It looks beautiful. Can't wait for the Australian winter to actually use it. The weave and the colour are what I hoped for, I am very, very pleased with this product.

    Review by

    UK buyers beware. This scarf cost me an additional customs charge of £16.99 which was VAT plus £8.00 Post Office handling fee. The scarf is great and is a really nice way of connecting with the Lord of the Rings films; also this is in no way a criticism of Weta, I just thought a heads up on potential extra costs would be of help to buyers.

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  9. Elvish scarf
    Loved the weave. The wool is a bit 'scratchy' but worn over a shirt is very effective.

    Review by

  10. Beautiful scarf!
    So excited to receive this in the mail today! the make is exceptional and the pattern looks fantastic, i can tell its going to be very warm when it comes to winter time.

    Review by

  11. Awesome!
    Wooly, warm, with a loveable itch.

    Review by

  12. My souvenir from the Weta Cave!
    I bought this a few years back on a visit to the Weta Cave and it's without a doubt my favourite scarf!

    The fabric, weave and colours of the scarf are absolutely beautifyl, a mix of silvery grey and moss green that I love. Plus it's a little piece of the Fellowship cloak fabric which is, well... awesome!

    The fabric is thin but still very warm. I've had mine now for about 4-5 years and it's holding up well so it will last you for a good few adventures. It's quite a short scarf so if you need it to wrap around lots of times then it's probably not ideal.

    All in all, this is a wonderful scarf, far superior to any standard machine-made scarf you would normally pick up. It's elegant, warm and goes with any outfit. Plus I feel particularly Tookish when wearing it! Well worth every penny!

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  13. Bought as a gift
    On my first visit to NZ, I found this item being sold at Te Papa's gift shop and decided it would make a great gift for one of my dearest friends. I was right!

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  14. love it! this scarf.
    I love this scarf, and I walk around humming the hobbiton theme tune whenever I wear it, so its all good!

    seriosly though, it is a nice scarf and has a really nice home-made feel about it. I think any lord of the rings fan will love this, definatly feels like you've got a little peice of middle earth to keep.

    Review by

  15. Simple, Elegant, and might I add Awesome!!!
    I didn't think it would be possible to get this worked up over a scarf...because its a scarf...but this is a nice piece to add to a wardrobe or even a collection display for LotR fans or even non-LotR fans alike!

    Seeing things like this from movies bring you right to Middle Earth and make you feel like you're a part of the story.

    Review by

  16. A quality scarf for hobbits and non-hobbits alike.
    I received the scarf a few days ago and have yet to fully put it through it's paces, but already it is looking to be a winner.

    The feel of the scarf is amazing, very rustic but smooth and comforting at the same time - you really get a sense of the traditional.

    Don't let that put you off though - this scarf looks very fashionable and will work well with many outfits. I tested it while wearing a simple black t-shirt with a white and red logo, and cream-coloured jeans, and it integrated quite nicely. It will look quite modern when worn alongside your modern clothes - but on closer inspection it has a very interesting weave/colour pattern that is sure to draw positive attention to the wearer.

    The scarf is very well made, and although on the sides the threads can be pulled and unravelled (with considerable effort), I am sure this is typical of most scarfs and a necessity of the weaving process, and unless one intentionally tries to do this, it shouldn't prove to be an issue. Other than that, the scarf is very solid, even when stretched.

    Another thing that surprised me was the thickness of the scarf. The scarf is very thin, but I wouldn't go so far as to say this is a negative - the scarf still feels very warm when worn, and the thinness doesn't seem to have affected overall strength or durability.

    On the issue of price - while some may feel the cost is too high, I think it is quite justified, seeing as this is fairly exclusive wool and is made in a very skilled and professional way, along with the fact that this is a quality piece of movie memorabilia.

    In closing, I would recommend this scarf to people who are in need of a new scarf, a fan of the Lord of the Rings, or pretty much anyone for that matter.

    I'm looking forward to wearing this everywhere I go in the future - it looks like it should last me a while yet.

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  17. Own a small piece of the Shire
    Just feeling the weave gives you a sense of the Fellowship Elven Cloak. This is a terrific way to own a small piece of Middle Earth.

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