From New Line Cinema, Peter Jackson and Warner Bros. comes J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, brought to the big screen in an epic trilogy. Weta Workshop was thrilled to return to Middle-earth once again, contributing design, specialty props and specialty costumes to all three films.


1:6 scale statue - Limited Edition of 1500
(W x H x L) 29 cm x 29.5 cm x 19 cm
Weight: 4.85 lbs (2.2 kg)
Principal Sculptor:
Gary Hunt Gary Hunt

Gary Hunt

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A Prince of the Woodland Realm, Legolas is the son of Thranduil, who rules the twisted wilds of Mirkwood in the north from his palace beneath the ground.

While his loyalty to his father is absolute, doubts gnaw at Legolas, doubts given voice by the young Silvan Elf who captains the King's Guard, Tauriel. Though Legolas is Sindar and his father would never consent to see him wed to a lower caste of Elf, the Prince nonetheless watches the spirited and beautiful Tauriel with a longing that goes beyond courtly friendship or the trust between fellow soldiers of the Realm.

When Tauriel openly defies King Thranduil and pursues the Dwarves, Legolas must make a choice. Duty binds him to honour his father's policies, but the woman he loves implores him to travel east with her in pursuit of a Dwarf who he sees as a rival for her affections.

The journey that his heart leads him down will see Legolas match blade and barb with Orcs in the service of Azog the Defiler, go to war on the slopes of distant Erebor, and defend the very Dwarves he was to imprison.

Our authentic prop replicas and collectibles are designed by the very same artists who have worked on the three films, so effectively they come straight from Middle-earth.

Richard Taylor - CEO & Co-founder, Weta Workshop

Please note: images are of a pre-production prototype. Each statue is hand painted and minor variations will occur.

Weta Workshop’s high-quality Middle-earth collectibles are designed by the very same artists and technicians who work on our movies. It takes hundreds of hours to design, sculpt, model make, mold, and paint the prototype for each new piece. Whether it be a prop replica, beautiful environment or iconic character, we treat our collectibles with the same level of care and attention to detail that we bring to our film work.

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  1. Awesone figurine - but ...
    Wonderful dynamic pose, good likeness of Mr. Bloom, nice details !
    BUT: The paintjob ....
    The clothes have clear lines sculpetd in, which were not for any interest to the guy with the brush.
    If WETA pays for Quality-Mgmt./- Control, WETA should ask their Money back.

    Review by

    I bought Bard and knew that Weta could do a great action pose. When I saw Legolas I had to have him too. A beautiful statue, striking to look at and the attention to detail is amazing.

    Review by

  3. Great statue
    This is one of my favorite statues by a long shot. The action pose...WOW. Plus the likeness to Bloom is great. Full of detail, so I can advice everyone to get this one, especially if you like Legolas. It\'s a limited edition, so go go!

    Review by

  4. Statue Worthy of a Prince
    Just received my Legolas and I am so thrilled with it! The detail is incredible and it is a magnificent addition to my collection! It goes very well beside Bolg!

    Review by

  5. An Elf CAN Fly!
    I am still in amazement that somehow the artist has captured not only Legolas in action, but balance him on one toe! He looks real, the movement is so incredible!

    Review by

  6. Amazing Piece!
    Love this piece. Has amazing detail, would highly recommend getting one.

    Review by

  7. Gravity Defying
    I received Legolas today and I'm so happy with it! The details are once again amazing, he actually looks like Orlando Bloom, the accessories are great, and it looks like he's jumping off my book shelve. This is a good day, thank you Weta!

    Review by

  8. Nice pose
    Another cool piece added to my collection love the detail well done weta

    Review by

  9. Exploit Me
    Cheaper at Mighty Ape for NZers by $66. l found out too late and got the law thrown at me! Exploit me more Weta! It makes me want to buy more stuff from you!

    Review by

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