The Adventures of Tintin : The Art of 'The Adventures Of Tintin'

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Weta and HarperCollins Publishers are excited to announce the upcoming release of the new book:

The Art of The Adventures of Tintin

with forewords by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson

The Art of The Adventures of Tintin is the beautifully presented book that will accompany the new film from Paramount Pictures and Columbia Pictures, The Adventures of Tintin, due for release in late 2011. This 3D performance-capture film, based on the universally popular series of books The Adventures of Tintin by Hergé, is directed by Steven Spielberg, and produced by Peter Jackson and Kathleen Kennedy.

The animation, visual effects and conceptual design for the movie are being created by Weta, the multi-Academy Award-winning company based in New Zealand that helped create global blockbusters such as The Lord of the Rings, King Kong and Avatar. The Art of The Adventures of Tintin was created by the actual Weta artists who brought Hergé's wonderful Tintin characters to the big screen.

From early concept illustrations to final shots from the film and everything in between, this book gives fans a rare glimpse of the creativity that goes into making a film like this a reality. The book even includes special pieces of artwork produced exclusively for this book.

The Art of The Adventures of Tintin features forewords from Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Oscar winners Joe Letteri and Richard Taylor also share their insights into the film-making experience in their introductions for this outstanding book.

Moulinsart, the official organisation that looks after the world of Tintin, has contributed an introductory chapter on the comic's creator Georges Remi, aka Hergé, and has kindly provided examples of his inspirational artwork for reproduction in the book.

Chris Guise, the author of The Art of The Adventures of Tintin, provides a unique perspective on the film, both as a lifelong Tintin fan and as the lead conceptual designer on the film. Guise interviewed many of his colleagues about the production of the movie and lets them tell their stories and inspiration behind their work in their own words.

The Art of The Adventures of Tintin will be published by HarperCollins Publishers in the UK, Australia and New Zealand simultaneously on 13 October and in North America on 1 November as a visually dynamic 200-page hardcover book. Later in the year the book will be released as a ground-breaking app including wonderful additional imagery, special audio commentary from the film makers, character animations and extra content.

Copies of the book including an exclusive gift will be available for pre-order from the Weta online shop at You can also keep up to date with more news about the movie The Adventures of Tintin, the book The Art of The Adventures of Tintin, and Tintin merchandise by signing up to Weta's free e-mail newsletter.

 Now also available as an iPad App!

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  • The Art of the Adventures of Tintin - EXCLUSIVE GIFT!

Please note: This book is also available SIGNED by the Author Chris Guise. 


While stocks last, copies of The Art of The Adventures of Tintin purchased directly from Weta will include the three "parchment scrolls" (printed on semi-transparent paper) that together form the map to Red Rackham's Treasure. These come inserted in a cardboard folder made of 300 gsm paper printed in the likeness of Tintin's wallet.

This exclusive gift will only be available with books purchased directly from Weta's website, at The Weta Cave or at shows and events we attend. It's inserted inside the front cover of the book.

The available stock is limited, so order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. 


Regretfully, we made a few mistakes in the book before it went to print, which we need to acknowledge. Our apologies!

Page 75 - Tom does actually mention his name in one small panel later in the book “The Crab with the Golden Claws”.  The mystery of his name is no more.

Page 106 - The ship Glenshiel (our spelling was incorrect) was the inspiration for The Karaboudjan

Page 132 - The correct title of the film is The Sheltering Sky (delete the"Under")

Page 140 - Sir Francis Haddock did not build Marlinspike.  It was gifted to him by the King for great services.

Page 182 - The motorbike was inspired by a 1942 Indian Scout 500cc which was used by the US army during WWII.



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Weta Collector
3 stars

Is it a joke???

We just received the book &the exclusive gift...
Is it a joke??? Can... Read more.

We just received the book &the exclusive gift...
Is it a joke??? Can we talk about an exclusive gift??? A simple piece of cardboard?! Like a gift in a packet of cereals!

We are really frustrated... That's the first time with Weta, who is generally very good.
It seems we have been fooled thinking of the first preorder pictures and texts dealing with the Tintin replica wallet. Instead of receiving the replica of a real wallet, we received a piece of cardboard!

This is the more frustrating because we paid $40 the book + $20 the shipping to France + bank commission € to $ so a total amount of  $65 (48€)... Knowing that sells the same book for 30€ shipping price included, does it mean we paid 18€ more to have this exclusive and horrible piece of cardboard?

It does not affect the quality of the book, which is luckily very good, but it is very expensive for something not really exclusive! Hide.

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Weta Collector
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Disappointed ?

I have to agree with sardane. I was expecting a real wallet,... Read more.

I have to agree with sardane. I was expecting a real wallet, but when I failed to see it in the box, I was suspicious. It was only when I opened the book that I saw the "gift". Feeling disappointed is a big understatement. Maybe I did not read the full description and did not know what I was getting. Since the original page has, in my opinion, been changed, there is no way to know for sure if the description given was accurate. As for the amount paid: 40 + 20 shipping + 13 in duty= 73 $. Expensive for a cardboard gift. Knowing that, I would have waited to get it on Amazon for cheaper.
As for the book, it looks beautiful... nothing negative to say about it. Hide.

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Weta Collector
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Really Disappointed?

Both comments make sense, my book crossed the world and nothing about... Read more.

Both comments make sense, my book crossed the world and nothing about the exclusive gift? Any comment?! Hide.

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