Designed for discerning collectors, our Masters Collection represents the pinnacle of Wētā Workshop craftsmanship. Embodied in each of these extraordinary statues, you’ll find an exacting attention to detail. Materials of the highest quality. The latest t


1:6 scale statue - Limited Edition of 333
(W x H x L) 54 cm x 102.5 cm x 46 cm
Weight: 57.32 lbs (26 kg)
Principal Sculptor:
Troy Nickel Troy Nickel

Troy Nickel

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Oft requested. Eagerly anticipated. Designed in the heart of Middle-earth. Weta Workshop is proud to present Treebeard, our second Masters Collection statue.

It's also our tallest collectible - ever.

Own this iconic character from The Lord of the Rings in a highly Limited Edition of just 333.



Four years and 2,800 hours in development, this fine art 1:6 scale sculpture is the realisation of a long-held dream for the crew of Wētā Workshop, who brought the character of Treebeard to the screen nearly two decades ago.

Wētā Workshop senior concept designer Daniel Falconer, who was part of the original design team on The Lord of the Rings, led the design and art direction of the statue. It has been sculpted in masterful detail by artist Troy Nickel.

In July 2018, Treebeard was unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con – much to the delight of the gathered crowd, which included not just The Lord of the Rings fans and collectors, but lovers of fine art, sculpture, and the artistry of filmmaking.

Standing at more than 3 feet tall, this incredible piece is Weta Workshop’s tallest 1:6 scale collectible yet.


  • Limited Edition of 333
  • 1:6 scale polystone statue
  • Leaves & branches made from mixed artificial greenery
  • Sculpted by Troy Nickel
  • Designed & art directed by Daniel Falconer, original concept designer from The Lord of the Rings
  • Special premium packaging
  • Height: approx. 1025mm (just over 1 metre)


Each Treebeard statue arrives on your doorstep containing an exclusive art print by legendary Tolkien artist, Alan Lee, who worked on the original film trilogy. Each print is signed and numbered by Alan Lee to match your statue's edition number.

“The combined talents of these master craftspeople have cumulated in the creation of one of Wētā Workshop’s most impressive collectibles to date and one of my personal favourites.”

Richard Taylor - CEO & Co-founder, Weta Workshop

WHY 333?

The edition size of each Masters Collection statue is carefully chosen for its special significance. Treebeard is no exception.

This fine art statue is to be released in a highly Limited Edition of 333, commemorating the date of the Battle of Isengard: The Third Day of the Third Month in the year 3019, in the Third Age of Middle-earth.


Masters Collection: Treebeard

Please note: images show a pre-production prototype. As each sculpture is hand-painted, variations may occur.


Designed for discerning collectors, our Masters Collection represents the pinnacle of Wētā Workshop craftsmanship.

Embodied in each of these extraordinary statues, you’ll find an exacting attention to detail. Materials of the highest quality. The latest technology meshed with the finest handcraft. A reverence for the source material that can only come from artists who have lived and breathed Middle-earth for over twenty years.

More than collectibles, these are sculptures of fine art.

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  1. Truly a Masterpiece
    What an amazing sculpture it is even larger than I expected even though I knew it would be big. It is an enormous masterpiece. It stands next to my Sauron Premium statue. WOW is all I can say. Thank You Weta for amazing artwork. I look forward to your next one. BTW I would love to see a diorama of the Black Gates. hint hint

    Review by

  2. Treebeard is awesome
    Well, #148/333 is standing tall (literally) in my living room. What an imposing figure he is. Beautifully done, good WETA folks. The likenesses of Merry and Pippin are the best yet. A bit fiddly to get together, but well worth it. And I\'m only a Silver Collector. This makes my 126th LOTR/Hobbit collectible (Figure, environment, helm and bust) from WETA, Sideshow/WETA. I do feel lucky to have gotten one of these.
    For those who own one or about to receive one, I wrote a small post about bending the branches at the www.statueforum. com under Treebeard. Thank you Weta peeps. Oh, and the Alan Lee limited print is just beautiful. Very classy. Enjoy!!

    Review by

  3. PERFECT!!!!!!!!!
    For me it is the best statue that Weta has made to date, the photos do not do it justice until you have it in front of you, it is simply wonderful, it impresses as soon as you enter to admire it, your painting is a delight, very happy to be able enjoy this statue in my collection...

    Review by

  4. Trying to order was a disaster
    I tried when it first was available and all I got was errors and missed it. Sent multiple emails to get on waiting list with no replies. And to top it off you made only 333. When I did finally get an email back they stated the waiting list was full. Totally disgusted with the way your company handled this. Ive never had issues buying from Weta before this. Will think twice before buying from you again.

    Review by

  5. Weta could not handle the volume
    Computer glitches created wets dollars to not deduct. If they cannot have a system to handle the volume upgrade. Customer service not helpful even though it was there fault.

    Review by

  6. Treebeard
    A real Master Collection,Thank you Weta for bringing us this holy grail !

    Review by

    WOW! What more can I say? You have once again outdone yourself Weta NZ!! When I received the announcement of TREEBEARD for order starting October 25, 2018 at 1:00pm PDT I had my laptop ready and clicked when the clock was at zero and submitted my order!! This will be a fantastic addition to my collection and my Master Collection Gollum!!

    Review by

  8. Price?
    Hello, how much is it?

    Review by

  9. Oh No!!!
    This is probably the best product WETA has put out since the LOTR movies themselves. It\'s so disappointing he sold out already. I only wish it was a larger edition number. Hopefully someday we\'ll be able to have another version.

    Review by

  10. Finally !
    Such an incredible work ! Now i am waiting for my own ! :)
    Weta - true masters of The Middle Earth
    Can not wait to put him to my collection . And to compare him with the bust... uhm, of him !

    Review by

  11. Another great piece in my collection!!
    Years ago, I was not able to buy the TREEBEARD bust. Today is a great day. Had to wake up at 4am here and didn’t let the chance to slip by, now owning a Masters Collection full bodied TREEBEARD with Merry and Pippin. This will go home to my place in the Philippines. Happy owner here.

    Review by

  12. very good day
    What a suspense but finally he is mine , my precious:).I m impatient to contemplate him and find a good place in my collecton.thank you

    Review by

  13. I AM AN ENT!
    Don\'t be hasty. This thing is awesome!! I can\'t wait for it to get here to add to my Masters Collection. Well done Weta! Excited for this!!!

    Review by

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