Sub-Atomic Disintegrator Pistol
(W x H x L) 30.5 cm x 24 cm x 10 cm
Weight: 7.496 lbs (3.4 kg)

The lightest of the three Rayguns, what the ManMelter lacks in weight, it makes up for in its gadgets and technical wizardry.

The case contains various doo-hickeys and tools, among these are Phlogiston canisters that contain the telltale blue residue, left over from missions past. The switch on the rear of the gun makes a charming 'thunk' sound when used.


Dr Grordort's ManMelter 3600ZX

This is a limited edition piece, every single one handcrafted and made out of metal with some glass parts. It comes with its own velvet lined pressed tin case (which also doubles as a display stand), a Certificate of Authenticity and an assortment of implements and crafting tools.

Displays nicely in its case.

Designed by Greg Broadmore. Sculpted and built by Dave Tremont.

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  1. Great, but not quite complete
    Lovely item, my first ray-gun. Great craftsmanship.
    The images and video are slightly misleading...
    - there s no liquid in the little cartridge at the back. An awesome detail had it been actually implemented, and details for fake ray guns are all important.
    - the only stand available seems to be the case. Very well made, but huge.
    The same stand as shown in the promotional video would be ideal. It doesn't look to have ever been offered for sale, and the universal gun stand is no longer being made.

    3.5 stars.

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  2. Looks better than the prototype!
    I am currently on a trip to the wilds of Amazonia, in the former Portuguese colony of Brazil. For such an arduous and dangerous voyage, I packed my latest two Grordbort’s raygun acquisitions, the Manmelter 3600ZX and Goliathon 83. The Manmelter has proved to be a marvellous investment, equally at home reducing the local natives to organic porridge or the various unfriendly beasties to lightly charbroiled snacks when on a low setting, a useful boon in this hostile land.

    While on my dug-out steamer trip down the mother of all rivers, it has been useful both for frying piranhas or toasting ocelots, and can lightly grill a rare three toed sloth at twenty paces. The Manmelter is almost a gastronome’s delight, with its infinitely variable settings between char and Joan-of-Arc, allowing one to enjoy a rare (in all meanings of the word) Spectacled Bear, or a rather well done howler monkey, all without the fuss of cajoling one’s bearers to start a fire from the soggy and uncooperative jungle foliage. Chargrilled marmosets are particularly tasty, and when threatened by an unusually large anaconda, five seconds resulted in a spiffing pair of snakeskin boots and matching belt and holster. The 3600ZX seems resistant to the continual drizzle and dampness without a misfire, and the spare phlogiston canisters have proved invaluable whilst several thousand miles from the nearest aetheric haberdashers.

    I am ashamed to admit that I only purchased the Manmelter because it was offered at half price. I was never that impressed by its engravings in the Dr Grordbort’s catalogue, but in the flesh it is a marvelous piece of design, and I think I prefer it to the Goliathon, much to my surprise. It has a wonderful speckled metallic finish, the various pipes and tubes are a most pleasing variation of colours (greenish copper, brass, corroded bronze), and the handle stands out as being particularly dappled with dark specks, and it is comfortable to grip in a manly manner. The safety switch does indeed have a most satisfying clunk, as well as protecting one’s gentleman’s vegetables from accidental discharge whilst holstered, and the raygun has a most pleasing, bulbous, almost buxom form, with a minimal-yet-tasteful pair of lateral pipes, one on each side.

    The case is as splendid as the other rayguns, and comes with a Grordbort’s brochure, two spare phlogiston canisters, and a pair of tweezers and a squeezy lubricant dropper thingy most useful for maintenance or artificial insemination (one must do something to while away the dull evenings in the jungle). All in all, the Manmelter is a most throroughly recommended purchase, although my wife still hasn’t come back to me yet (not covered by the warranty).

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  3. A Manly, Masterly ManMelter.
    It will melt other living beings as well as inanimate objects right smartly. For those of you thinking this is dashedly costly for a toy you'd be correct, if it were a toy.

    Actually it's a very fine art sculpture made of solid metal and a glass bit from the very smashing design of Mr. Broadmore. It will look very handsome on display in your habitat. The toggle switch on the handle makes a very satisfying thunk when toggled and there are a few other moving bits just for fun.

    I'm not an employee of Weta and no other monies have changed hands so this an unpaid testimonial - I purely love this range of guns for their exquisite design, workmanship and whimsy and the Manmelter is a very good place to start a collection.

    You won't be disappointed and I would venture to say because these are art, they will likely retain their investment value in years to come.

    As an artist myself, I give the highest recommendation possible to those looking for a top notch collectible.

    I humbly apologize to Weta for not attending to this matter sooner. It shan't happen again. Cheers!

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