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White Cloud Worlds is an award-winning series of art books that showcase stunning science fiction and fantasy artwork from New Zealand. Edited by Weta Workshop Senior Concept Designer Paul Tobin, the work within these pages celebrates not only the skill of the artists but the breadth of their imaginations. From the beautiful to the bizarre, frightening to fantastical, allow yourself a break from the mundane and get lost in the visually rich creations showcased in these books. You might not want to leave!

130 pages. HarperCollins Publishers (New Zealand). ISBN: 9781869508241. Hardcover. Please note this item is for Volume One only. Volume Two is available separately.


Edited by Paul Tobin
(W x H x L) 25 cm x 30.5 cm x 0.2 cm
Weight: 2.337 lbs (1.06 kg)

White Cloud Worlds is a stunning anthology of science fiction and fantasy artwork from Aotearoa New Zealand. Volume One was awarded Winner of the 2011 Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Production/Publication.

The Land of the Long White Cloud (translation of the indigenous Maori name for New Zealand) is now the land of White Cloud Worlds.

The "crème de la crème" of New Zealand fantasy art gets a unique showcase in this fantastic - and fantastical - hardcover tome.

Featuring a collection of works from 27 individual artists, this book catalogues and illustrates a wide variety of art that has shaped and influenced pop culture not only in New Zealand, but throughout the world. Along with the stunning artworks, many created for this project, Paul Tobin has asked each artist to write about their motivations, dreams, techniques and influences.


These are images to get lost in. To contemplate and speculate about. Malleable and ever-changing, like shape-shifting clouds in alien sky. Images to dream by.

Guillermo Del Toro

Paul Tobin is uniquely placed to be the gathering force on this project, having worked for many years in Weta Workshop's design room on projects like The Chronicles of Narnia, King Kong and Avatar and already having one book under his belt - The Crafting of NarniaWhite Cloud Worlds is Paul's first book to be published through his own company Ignite Inc.

Like Paul, many of the artists work, or have at one time in their careers, worked at Weta Workshop and have helped shape movies such as The Lord Of The Rings, The Chronicles Of Narnia, King Kong, Avatar and District 9. Other artists have forged their own path and worked their unique brand of talent on gaming, graphic novels and comics.

With written contributions from some of the world's most celebrated leaders in the field of science fiction and fantasy art, such as Richard Taylor, Guillermo Del Toro, Alan Lee and John Howe this stunning book has received some of the most sought-after endorsements possible in the fantasy and science fiction genres.

From stark, terrifying, alien landscapes and creatures of terror and blighted evil, to paintings of sensual and evocative beauty; from the childlike vision of cuddlesome dwarves to the groteque and troubling visions of disturbing difference - White Cloud Worlds is guaranteed to stun and amaze.

Weta Workshop Senior Concept Designer Christian Pearce made this cool short film to celebrate the release of White Cloud Worlds in the US! Parental guidance recommended - it gets messy!

Presenting White Cloud Worlds

Foreword by Guillermo del Toro

Introduction by Richard Taylor

Afterword by Alan Lee and John Howe 

Contributing Artists: Aaron Beck, Andrew Shaw, Ben Stenbeck, Ben Wootten, Christian Pearce, Claire Hackett, David Meng, Dylan Coburn, Frank Victoria, Gino Acevedo, Greg Broadmore, Guido Anton, Gus Hunter, Jamie Beswarick, Jeffrey Lai, Jeremy Bennett, Matty Rodgers, Nicholas Keller, Paul Tobin, Rebekah Holguin, Sacha Lees, Simon Morse, Stephen Crowe, Stephen Lambert, Stuart Thomas, Thomas Simpson, Warren Mahy.

Find out more about White Cloud Worlds, including exhibition updates, at the White Cloud Worlds website.

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