From New Line Cinema, Peter Jackson and Warner Bros. comes J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, brought to the big screen in an epic trilogy. Weta Workshop was thrilled to return to Middle-earth once again, contributing design, specialty props and specialty costu
The weight listed, 5kg, is approximate.


Limited edition of 1,500
(W x H x L) 6.5 cm x 191 cm x 6.5 cm
Weight: 11.023 lbs (5 kg)

A rod of polished ebony as dark and gleaming as the midnight stone of the Tower of Orthanc itself, the staff of Saruman the White stands as tall, straight-backed and severe as its wielder.

Sharp-edged and unyielding, in contrast to the twisted timber of his fellow Wizards' staves, Saruman's black staff holds a single orb of white stone amid four projecting fingers at its crown, recalling the four blades of Orthanc's pinnacle, where the first of the Order of Istari dwells. Here he contemplates the mysteries of ring lore and prophecy, studying the ways of the enemy, the better to know him and his powers.

Saruman's staff was created for The Hobbit by the artists at the 3Foot7 Art Department. This authentic prop replica has been created from molds of the original weapon used in the films. Made from metal and "wizard-grade" urethane, your staff is delivered in a single piece and comes with a black metal bracket for display, pride of place, on your wall.

We have chosen to present our collector's edition of Hobbit weapons in the same material used for the making of the film props, to exactly replicate the techniques and artistry used in the films.

Richard Taylor - CEO & Co-founder, Weta Workshop

Staff of Saruman the White is a limited edition of 1,500 and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Please note: this piece was designed and prototyped here at the Workshop. Images are of pre-production prototype. Each prop is painted by hand and slight variations will occur.

Behind-the-Scenes on The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Weta Workshop’s authentic prop replicas are made by the very same artists and technicians who work on our movies, using the same techniques and materials. We treat our prop replicas with the same level of care, quality and attention to detail that we bring to our film work.

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  1. wish I got this now
    Ack I was really hoping the Staff be up for Sale Still as I\'m such a Lotr and the Hobbit Fan for years now
    and only just notice it while back kinda wish I got here in time but not sure if I be able to get it
    since United Cutley stop making the Staff of Saruman years ago

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  2. Great
    First i have to say that it\'s a very impressive staff. The color is great, the weight is perfect and the size is fantastic. But.. I have to say that I\'m a bit disappointed with the crown. Not because it is uthrane, but because the orb is not movie accurate and because mine came bad constructed. The four spikes are not perfectly aligned. I would have thought that giving the case that it\'s a weta item, it would not present any flaw. Thus I\'m giving it 4/5 stars.

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  3. Poor Quality, no QA, cracked and bent. Do not buy.
    I\'ve bought a lot of Weta collectibles over the last 2 years, over that time I\'ve been happy with my purchases and the quality of those items for the most part. However this item is disgusting, there was clearly no quality control with this, the metal was not degreased meaning the paint can fall off easily. The joins between the resin are awful, the paint around this joins if often cracked, and the resin of both the crown and the bottom without fail, have ALWAYS been terribly bent. Why on earth was this not a single cast piece of reinforced fiberglass like the other two staves, where there would be less chance of these paint chips and bends. I don\' think I need to mention the awful looking Orb paint.

    I ordered my staff on the 20th of August, that arrived with the paint chipped and resin on both ends bent, I contacted support and reached Anthony who was very nice, he arranges for a replacement to be send, I asked if it could be inspected before shipping to make sure it wasn\'t defective the following week it arrived and he agreed, paint cracked and resin bent worse than the first time, got in contact again for a replacement, this time it WAS inspected before being shipped and when I opened it? Paint cracked off and resin bent AGAIN. I asked for a refund about two weeks ago and finally October 3rd I got it. It was Weta themselves who said they would refund the money, because they were no longer going to send a replacement, frankly it would have probably arrived as chipped and bent as the previous ones.

    You want £190.44 for this item + postage (=£242.68) Weta, are you insane? This item isn\'t worth £30, it\'s cheaply made, poor quality, it\'s truly disgusting. No wonder this item hasn\'t sold well and has poor reviews, if you cared about your customers you\'d pull this item instead of letting people spend their hard earned money on it. As I said previous this item should be completely redone as a single piece of reinforced fiberglass, pleased under one of the LOTR films. Anything is better than this cheap metal, rubbish joined, cracked paint and flimsy bent resin staff. Giving this a 1 out of 5 because I can\'t give it a 0.

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  4. Very disappointed
    This staff is not as screen accurate as Gandalf\'s or Radagast\'s. Not even close. Those two staves look as though they took a leap off the screen and into your hands. If you research Christopher Lee\'s staff at all you will the accuracy is just not there. The orb at the top pale\'s in comparison to the screen version, and it is there where Weta failed the most in the design for this piece. It\'s a huge shame because we have waited for so terribly long to get a Saruman staff. Never before have I been disappointed by Weta products until this.

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  5. extremely evil looking
    This staff is a fitting piece to every LOTR & Hobbit fan.

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  6. Very happy :)
    I'm very happy with this staff. Everything's fine apart from the inaccurate orb. The polyurethane crown doesn't feel like cheap plastic, and the metal shaft gives the staff a good, hefty weight. Very happy customer! :)

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  7. Very disappointed
    I want to express my great disappointment about my last purchase (Saruman's staff replica). Weta don't answer me about it...
    I ordered it well in advance to get it quickly, and when I opened the box, I thought I would find the superior quality that you had in the past.
    The top of the sceptre is in urethane and the painting gives the illusion of a single unique piece.
    However, the stripped orb with grey, white and back lines is a complete aberration. The prototype that Weta use in the picture gives the illusion of an orb illuminated by light, and if there are ribs, they are far less distinct. I don't understand this modification of the object. The orb of Saruman's staff is plain white in all 5 films of Peter Jackson.
    I'm stunned by the quality of the orb, which should have been made in glass and not plastic (a painting could have given a different effect). This reproduction looks more like a toy of high quality than a real collector's piece, and that at a much higher price (249$) than the previous replicas of Gandalf and Radagast's wooden sticks.
    While reading the comments written by previous buyers, I have the feeling that I'm not the only one who is disappointed by this purchase.
    From now on, I will wait for the opinions of other buyers and for videos on the Internet to see what replicas really look like before buying on Weta' website.

    A disappointed buyer

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  8. Saruman shamed
    First off let me start by saying I love Weta's stuff. I have staff of Radagast and Gandalf... and they are both a thing of beauty. I've been waiting on this staff a loooooonng time (Saruman is my favourite Wizard)... and I have to say my disappointment is immense. The staff is not only unlike it's screen counterpart in terms of accuracy, but it feels and looks poorly made. I don't know what happened to the QC department... but maybe someone was smoking that South Farthing pipeweed when they let all these staves pass for licensed Weta product.

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  9. Not the real deal
    I got the staff of Saruman and was somewhat dissapointed. Despite the great shape of the staff there a two setbacks.
    First: The crown is made out of resine, favorable for weight distribution but looks not as good as metal would.
    Second: This weired handpainted plastic orb. Can't remeber that a staff in the movie would look like that.
    Compared to the other staffes (Gandalf, Radagast) it is just to expensive (about 40% more). Looking on all that nice details on Radagast staff and nice paint job, Sarumans is just a plain metal rod with a resine crown and an ugly orb. Ok the rod has that nice smaller ending on ground. For a WETA Prob replica this is far away from what i have seen in the movies. Ok I give 3 stars because its way better than other replicas (like UC) but if this will be the new WETA standard i will keep away from their products. (have to double check but i believe it was made in China)

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  10. Highly Disappointed
    I just received the item, it is such a let down. First of all, the ball at the top isnt even white, as shown in the pictures, it is stripped grey and white. The item is advertised as one piece, but you can clearly see it is made of 3 as you can see two joints. There is small paint damage around de joints. Finally, the whole staff isnt event straight. I was used to a much higher quality from weta workshop. I do not recommend this item.

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  11. One fail
    The staff is good look, but it has a huge fail, the ball, that must be of crystal and not of resine. The staff is good because is big and heavy but it had been a mistake from weta building the ball with resine.

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  12. Letdown
    As a collector I have purchased quite a few things off weta and have never been disappointed, until now, when I heard that they were releasing saruman's staff I was so excited,I have been trying to find the uc piece at a reasonable price and decided to purchase this unique piece from weta, finally I thought another amazing replica from weta unfortunately I opened the box and took one look at the orb, so disappointing weta, I have to say rather than looking like a crystal orb It looks like a painted Easter egg, and a rather bad one at that, to make this an amazing piece all that would have been needed was to make the orb from resin as they did with the shard in radagast's staff, overall it's ok but being the most expensive of the staff's that have been released also the most disappointing.

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  13. Saruman
    If this is the staff of Saruman the white, Orthanc is the tower of pisa.
    I think i've expected too much from this staff, It is huge disappointment, particularly the design of the orb.
    I am a french customer and this is my first purchase from weta workshop. I don't know if the crew reads the comments, but seriously guys, why this ugly-looking orb ? They doesn't appear in any movies, or in a more subtle and beautiful way.
    I'm sad to write this review, because I was so excited about this stuff.
    The part between the top and the bottom is cracked, and one spike is twisted. If I could get it for free, sure i'll get it. But i've paid for it, and it's sad because I know Weta Workshop is a really nice brand.

    Overall, this staff is cool, but don't look too closely at it.

    Funny fact, my father said " He came from china, isn't it ? "
    Not sure It was a compliment.

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  14. Staff of Fail
    Received my staff today and found that paint had chipped off where the metal rod in the staff met the "wizard grade" urethane in the crown. Evidently it's not an isolated case, as other people are complaining of the same issue.

    The real killer for me is the crown and because of that I don't even want a replacement. It's just obnoxiously bad to the point I'd rather have my money back. The orb looks cheap and the lines between it and the crown are sloppy, leaving black paint on the orb and white paint on the crown. If they'd have just used metal for the entire staff and glass for the orb, there wouldn't be these issues.

    This is, by far, the worst Weta product I've ever received....probably the worst of ANY of the licensed weapons made by them or otherwise. It's a shame too. I've been wanting this version ever since I heard Weta was making one...not anymore!

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  15. Powerful Staff
    I received my staff on 2/4/15. I already had UC's version of staff, while this staff is shorter than the UC's version, overall I like this staff better. It is lighter as well. There are a few things that I do not like about it which is why I didn't give it a full five stars.

    1. Below the spikey part or ridge part (below the orb) there is a crease there that I have no clue why it is there besides that is where the metal ends and the polyurethane begins.

    2. When looking very closely and under a well lit room you can see the paint strokes. I understand that it is hand painted, but for the price I expect a little bit more quality.

    And lastly 3rd or at least that I can remember for now is I like the paint on the UC's version better that shiny look makes it look more magical in my opinion. Though I think the paint they used is better quality (doesnt chip as easily) than the UC's version.

    That is my thoughts on the staff overall I still love it and I am glad that I purchased it. I had no other problems with the staff like others have reviewed about the crown portion, even though they are right it is different material. The orb I like better cause it is closer to the original product but I do like the see through effect that the UC's version has.

    Again overall very satisfied besides when analyzing the staff very closely and can spot paint marks, but from a distants cannot tell at all and looks very well. I also think the pointy part at the bottom makes it stand better as opposed to UC's version of a rod or cylinder bottom.

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  16. Good and bad.
    I think I am in the same boat as several other people who ordered this staff. I'm actually not bothered by the poly-urethane top. The lack of metal and a glass orb means you can actually swing this thing around a bit and pretend you are fighting Naz'ghul. Not that a grown man would ever do such I thing...I digress.

    As an action replica it is pretty cool, but as a display piece, I don't think I'm as impressed. The thing that bothers me the most is the paint job on the orb itself. In Saruman's staff in the "Battle of Five Armies", you can see gray swirls throughout the otherwise milk colored orb. The lines used to replicate the effect are quite subtle in the image displayed on weta shop's website. However, on the replica I received they are really dark and glaring. Instead of swirls, I have horizontal stripes, running all along the orb in parallel. A friend of mine commented that the orb in the top of the staff looks like a shell of some kind. If you get it in the right light you can mitigate that, but I just don't think I can live with it. For the price, I feel "hand-painting" those random gray swirls should have amounted to more than a bunch stripes. It's like they weren't even trying. A Good comparison can be found on the link provided.

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  17. Very good replica
    This replica is a fantastic edition to any fan's collection. It has received a lot of hate for part of it being made of polyurethane (though they are calling it plastic), but if any of the people who are complaining had bothered to read the description of the item, they would have known this long before they received it.

    The rod itself is made of metal, but the top portion with the design is made of 'wizard-grade" urethane.'

    I love the weight given to the staff, it makes it feel very authentic. The only complaint I could have (though I was already aware when I bought this item) is the orb on top of the staff is not a replica of the one they had in the movie, though the orb they have here is enough to satisfy me.

    Over all, this is a fantastic product. Though if you're thinking about buying it, give it a few days thought because this staff is expensive. If you still want it after say three days, buy it. If you buy it you certainly won't be disappointed.

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    I was so excited about this prop.

    I received it in the post yesterday and one of the spikes on the top of the staff was already snapped and the rest of them appear to be bent!! This top bit is made of cheap looking plastic- and has been rather brutishly 'glued' onto the bottom part which is made of metal. You can even the the line where the materials change- very careless in my opinion. I am SURE there is a better way to mass produce this product. AKA make it all from metal and DONT BE LAZY!!! I have emailed asking for a replacement but have yet to hear back from the workshop. I love the replicas of Gandalf and Radagast's staves but this is no where near as good in comparison which begs the question why is it more expensive when it neither looks as good and neither seems to be made of as good quality material. This is a real disappointment.

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  19. Staff of Saruman
    I received this staff a couple of days ago and have taken my time to decide how I feel about it, even now I am not completely sure.

    I already have the Lord of the Rings replica by United Cutlery (purchased around 10 years ago), and I bought this one because I thought Weta would produce an amazing product. I bought the Weta staff of Gandalf the Grey from The Hobbit last year and that is a superior product. I honestly couldn't fault it. However I can't really say the same for this staff of Saruman.

    The top part of the staff looks to be made of plastic rather than metal with a plastic sphere (the UC one is all made of metal with a glass sphere).

    The pole seems to be the only metal part which is disappointing. However the staff tapers at the bottom while the UC one doesn't. I also love that it was delivered in one piece where the UC one is delivered in two with the pole being joined mid-way.

    If I could take the top off the UC staff and attach it to the pole from Weta's staff I think it would be the perfect product.

    Considering Saruman is meant to be industrious and his staff suggests metal, I am rather disappointed by the use of so much plastic. Especially when I compare it side-by-side with my existing one.

    If you are a lover of the films and Saruman in particular then yes this is a nice staff to have, and the limited edition numbering always makes such things more desirable. However if you have the staff from UC already and have been considering this one, you may share in this disappointment. I'm really sorry to say this Weta because, as I mentioned, the Gandalf staff is an incredible replica. This one sadly lacks finesse.

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  20. Best Staff of Saruman replica!!
    I had been looking around for a replica of Saruman's staff around December, and was lucky enough to stumble onto this website after having seen some of the abomination's other companies sell of the same staff.

    The weight on this staff really makes it feel like a weapon! and the material feels so industrial and literally cold. Good for Saruman!

    This is the only Saruman staff replica I've come across where the Orb is fixed nice and firm on the staff, without any gaps, which is something I'm really pleased about.

    I don't particularly like the Orb design, I much prefer the design that was used in An Unexpected Journey, which looked very similar to the ones used in LOTR. But like I said this is still the best looking replica I have seen and it still looks super sleek.

    The only reason I gave it a 4 is because the metal bits that stick out around the orb came up slightly different sizes (Where they touch the Orb), from some angles it makes the orb look more Oval, sometimes the whole top looks very asymmetrical which bothers me. I have seen 2 others with similar problems but not as bad as mine. I am still contemplating whether or not it's worth asking for a replacement, since it's a Limited Edition of 1500.

    I am only slightly disappointed as it's my first collection piece, but overall I'm happy with the product. Thanks for the hard work Weta!

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