Wingnut Films are thrilled that filming of The Hobbit is to remain in New Zealand.

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Filmmakers, Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh stated today "We are grateful to the Government for introducing legislation which shall give everyone in the film industry certainty as to their employment status. This clarification will provide much needed stability and reassurance for film workers as well as investors from within New Zealand and overseas."

Jackson went on to thank Warner Brothers and New Line Cinema for their continued commitment to New Zealand. "Their respect for the skill and talent of Kiwi crews and performers speaks for itself."

Finally, Jackson stated, "I feel enormous gratitude to the film technicians, actors and fans who came out in support of making these films in New Zealand. To the thousands of people who took the time to write and let us know they were with us - thank you. It made all the difference."


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Weta Fan

Justice has been done!

Living in the UK I might have been pleased if "The Hobbit"... Read more.

Living in the UK I might have been pleased if "The Hobbit" production had been moved to this country but it would have been a travesty after the superb results of "The Lord Of The Rings". I finally made it to NZ earlier this year and was delighted to see so many of the wonderful locations, with the icing on the cake being a trip to Weta cave with our Kiwi cousins. I could have stayed for a whole day! Justice has been done! Hide.

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Weta Fan

The one and only!

I am so delighted to hear that the Hobbit was given the... Read more.

I am so delighted to hear that the Hobbit was given the go ahead to be filmed in New Zealand. It would have been a crying shame if it had been filmed anywhere else. Having been to New Zealand twice and visited some of the locations of Lord of the Rings films, really there is nowhere else that would even come up to scratch with the New Zealand scenery, never mind the creativity and genius of Peter Jackson and Weta Digital. Onwards and upwards, that's what I say. Hide.

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