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VICTORY : Scientific Adventure Violence for Young Men And Literate Women

The year's foremost journal of progressive armaments and weaponry! Behold the latest line of defense captured in action!

Filled to the brim with first hand tales of exploration and progress from the great heroes of our time, picture strips of unimaginable escapades on the frontier, never-seen-before portraits of dazzling damsels and monstrous villains, and laudable accounts of man and robot pitted against our greatest enemy (the uncivilized world), VICTORY is an onslaught of action-packed scientific adventure in full-spectrum color - containing facts that every boy and literate girl should know.

Written and illustrated by Weta Workshop Conceptual Designer Greg Broadmore, this book sumptuously details a science-fiction history that never was. Hearkening back to the classic sci-fi serials of yesteryear, it reveals the backstories and mythos of Weta's highly limited ray gun collectible line.

This gorgeous 64 page full-color hardcover is the second of three books in the series. Infest yourself with further glory by capturing the other 2 books here:


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  • Victory and the Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory

Experience duplicitous factsendless background drivel and astonishing testimonials concerning Rayguns and accessories in their natural habitat.




Anton Ducrot: This books got more beard than a Buck Buck's balls...

Maija Graham: Binding infested with Venusian Face-Eating Weevils. Please send refund.

Craig Cameron-Fisher: A positive 'must-have' for anyone with a wobbly desk.


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It's spiffing!"  More...

Glen Weldon - NPR | Monkey See


Broadmore is a great artist and Victory is proof of this. The graphic art is high quality and the detail is better than most, if not all, graphic novels I've read. The backgrounds are realistic because they fade off into the distance and are not just some group of lines or colours."  More...

OXCGN - Allegionary, Teenage Gamer


Wild, bizarre adventures told by the fireplace in a smokey, wood-panelled Gentleman's club... but not in Victorian England but in a dazzling "Uchronism" that works both as a satire of our times and as a convex mirror for a future that never was. A violent, vibrant Neverland, witty and brilliantly realized. This book is your passport into a fully-formed habitat populated by dangerous, unstoppable predators- both human and inhuman..."

Guillermo Del Toro, Director - Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth, The Hobbit


I utterly love this universe Greg has created. Join Lord Cockswain as he selflessly ventures out into our solar system in the name of science, and discovery. Watch in awe as he uses his fantastic guns to research all of the wondrous life he encounters! And while he's at it, teach those filthy savages a thing or two. This satirical take on the colonial era and the astonishing and fully complete world that Greg has created leaves the reader engulfed in an overload of creatures, weapons, locations and characters that are truly fantastic. Drawing from both twenties and thirties fiction, while simultaneously mocking it, the end result is pure gold. Propaganda posters, ray guns and tanks, what more could you ask for?"

Neill Blomkamp, Director - District 9

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Weta Collector
5 stars

Bloody Marvellous!

This is a quality item. From the vibrant cover to the very... Read more.

This is a quality item. From the vibrant cover to the very classy fame encrusted backend (talk about name dropping!), this book oozes goodness of gastronomic proportions. The pages are similar in weight to the Dingus Directory but seem to have that extra little bit of glossiness. And size. Good size. Great size.

There's some pictures of soldiers you may aspire to be (with stupendous descriptions), a fmominally informative bestiary of Venusian wildlife, and brightly brought action packed ventures of Lord Cockswain to boot!

Yet wait till you behold the Remoreseless Landship - I'm sure a certain Mr Tremont will whip up one of those in his lunch break! Huzzah! Make that a double Sir! Huzzah Huzzah!

Final note... The shiny bookplate of Earth Elite Forces I got from preorder also happened to be fraternising with a photo from Miss Phantom inside the front cover. What an unexpected stupefaction!

After the fact final note - Well done Greg Broadmore - I learned to read just so I could read this book!

Really final fact - Was kidding about the learning to read bit above. Hide.

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Weta Collector
5 stars

No 1 Victory

Marvellous content, lord Coxswain is a dashing figure of Manliness very good... Read more.

Marvellous content, lord Coxswain is a dashing figure of Manliness very good show old chap. Well done that man!

Recommend this to all dashing heroes (or heroines) to see how it gets done! Hide.

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Weta Collector
5 stars

"Nice and thick" she said.

Just as impressed as before. The larger format is nice - but... Read more.

Just as impressed as before. The larger format is nice - but I'll tell you what is nicer...the thick cover weight pages!!!!!!! That is a very nice touch that ads to the substantiality of the book. A Weta constant I'm hoping for all future tomes.

Contents are fantastic, new weapons are very lustful - Saturn 67 in metal, please - and the copy makes me chuckle out loud at regular intervals to the delightful annoyance of our local bookstore clientele.
Hazzah! Hide.

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