Dota 2 : Vanguard Shield

$299.00 USD
SOLD OUT! This LIMITED EDITION item will never be manufactured again.
Edition Size:
26" x 23.6" x 5.5" (H x W x D)
66 cm x 60 cm x 14 cm
8.1 lbs (3.7 kg)

Includes a unique Dota 2 in-game item, designed by the crew at Weta!

The hellwether emblem of the Vanguard is familiar to all who fight and bleed in the contested lands.

The original shield, battered and worn, was found in a hoard of dragon’s gold, dug free from the deepest and oldest layers of treasure.

Inscribed with ancient runes of protection (roughly translated by Ultimyrian scribes as, “Here no blade shall drink.”), this shield of the Vanguard was discovered to provide its bearer with magical protection against damage.

Now, for a price, these special runes can be inscribed upon lesser shields, thus transforming them in power and likeness into the Vanguard of old.


In close collaboration with the DOTA 2 game designers at Valve, the physical Vanguard Shield has been designed by the same Weta artists and craftspeople who work on our movies, using the same techniques we use to make screen props for movies like The Lord of the RingsThe Chronicles of Narnia, District 9 and Avatar.

The shield will be made from urethane/fibreglass and is painstakingly hand painted to make an outstanding display piece for your wall.

In the box with your Vanguard Shield you will also find a unique DOTA 2 in-game item, designed by the crew at Weta!

Guard of the Red Mist

Hero: Axe
Weapon: Shield based upon the Vanguard
Lore: Forged when the Red Mist were many and Mogul Khan was but a lowly grunt, the Guard is a rock among a sea of blows. As much a statement of intent as a shield, the cursed sigil of Battle Hunger lays emblazoned upon its face. Only death and slaughter may remedy its hex.

It comes with a wall bracket - ready to display alongside the other props in Weta's DOTA 2 collection - The Butterfly Sword and The Demon Edge Sword.

The range also includes the awesome Axe statue.

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  • The Vanguard Shield
  • The Vanguard Shield
  • The Vanguard Shield

Please note: Product photos are of a pre-production prototype. Each Vanguard Shield is painted by hand and slight variations will occur.


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