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From New Line Cinema, Peter Jackson and Warner Bros. comes J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, brought to the big screen in an epic trilogy. Weta Workshop was thrilled to return to Middle-earth once again, contributing design, specialty props and specialty costumes to all three films.


Miniature Prop Replica
(W x H x L) 50 cm x 105 cm x 0.1 cm
Weight: 0.11 lbs (0.05 kg)

After the rather rude and un-Hobbit-like way that his rowdy guests (or intruders) presented themselves at Bag End, it's little wonder that Bilbo Baggins took some time to read through the contract presented to him by Thorin Oakenshield and the band of Dwarves in his company.

Declared fit for purpose by Gandalf the Grey, these Conditions of Engagement govern Bilbo’s role as Chief Burglar. Although unwilling to accept the role at first, Bilbo will prove his mettle when the time comes.

A hefty document by any standards, we’ve shrunk the contract to 3:4 scale to create a more manageable, miniature prop replica. All text, including the fine print, is legible.

The Burglar Contract of Bilbo Baggins has been stitched together by hand, with the thread fastened by wax seals. Every crease and roll was duplicated from the original film prop created by the 3Foot7 Art Department. Find your contract tied with ribbon, rolled up in a Collector’s Edition cardboard box.

Our authentic prop replicas and collectibles are designed by the very same artists who have worked on the three films, so effectively they come straight from Middle-earth.

Richard Taylor - CEO & Co-founder, Weta Workshop

Please note: images are of a pre-production prototype. Each prop is finished by hand and slight variations will occur.

Behind-the-Scenes on The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

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  1. Beautiful item, excellent value
    This is my first item from Weta Workshop and I\'ve been blown away by the quality! Truly a worthy item for any fan. While I have never seen the high-end prop replica in person, I can\'t personally see how this can be a \'lesser\' replica (other than that this is 3/4 scale, not that it feels small!).

    Review by

  2. Shame about the packaging
    The actual contract is brilliant and looks very close to the original but the outer box it was delivered in was to small so it was just forced in and caused some damage to the box so in the future use a BIGGER box that it will fit in. I will say I have bought over 20 items from weta and this is the first problem of this type I have had

    Review by

  3. Great job weta
    A replica with very good details, and with a perfect size ... Highly recommended ...

    Review by

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