Paramount Pictures and Columbia Pictures Present the epic 3D Motion Capture film, The Adventures of Tintin. Directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Peter Jackson, the film features visual effects from Weta Digital and concept design from Weta Worksho


1:6 scale statue
(W x H x L) 9 cm x 13 cm x 9 cm
Weight: 0.661 lbs (0.3 kg)
Principal Sculptor:
Daniel Cockersell Daniel Cockersell

Daniel Cockersell

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Snowy - were he a real dog - would be a Wire Fox Terrier. He is Tintin's most loyal companion and has saved the young journalist from more tight spots and dangerous situations than he'd probably care to remember.

Wherever Tintin goes, Snowy goes - and Tintin has had plenty of opportunity to reciprocate, as Snowy also has a knack for getting into trouble.

He shares his master's spirit of adventure and although he doesn't speak (he is a dog, after all), there is a lot going on in his imagination.

The bond between Snowy and Tintin has grown strong from the many adventures and situations they've encountered together.

The Weta sculpture of Snowy is a polystone resin statue created from the actual digital model made by Weta Digital for The Adventures of Tintin, and was finished and prepared by the artists at Weta Workshop.

Snowy is an Open Edition piece capturing beautifully the adorable cheekiness only a small dog can achieve. And get away with. He makes an excellent start to any Tintin collection, as well as a superb complement for those who have collected Classic Tintin pieces over the years.

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Please note - the images shown are of a pre-production prototype. Each piece is hand painted and slight variations may occur. 

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