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As huge fans of Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal (1982), Weta Workshop is excited to dive into the world of Thra and create premium collectibles for the prequel series premiering on Netflix, August 30. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance tells a new story, set many years before the events of the movie. The world of Thra is dying. The Crystal of Truth has been corrupted by the evil Skeksis and sickness spreads across the land. When three Gelfling uncover the horrific truth behind the power of the Skeksis, the fires of rebellion are kindled and an epic battle for survival begins.

OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE. The Dark Crystal is a licensed trademark of The Jim Henson Company, used with permission. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance © 2019 Netflix Inc. JIM HENSON’s mark, logo, characters & elements are trademarks of The Jim Henson Company


1:1 scale prop replica
(W x H x L) 8.8 cm x 13.2 cm x 6.7 cm
Weight: 0.661 lbs (0.3 kg)

The grim fruit of malignant science, essence vials were small glass receptacles into which were distilled the drained life essences of captured Gelfling.

A cruel invention of the Scientist, SkekTek, essence draining was accomplished by strapping captives into a device which used the power of the sickening Crystal to suck from them their vital energies, collecting them in liquid form.

These delicate flasks of life force were greedily consumed by the pernicious Skeksis, thereby strengthening them and artificially extending their own lives. The act was a vile betrayal of the power of the Crystal and of the Gelflings, who trusted their draconic lords with its custodianship and their own safety. The uncovering of this secret crime and its consequences would shake the foundations of Thra.

The Essence Vial joins Weta Workshop’s exquisitely detailed range of Dark Crystal collectibles; a range that pays homage to the richly layered, fantastical world of Thra.


  • 1:1 scale prop replica;
  • Crafted from glass & resin;
  • Unique LED lighting to replicate the radiant essence seen on screen. Cast a sinister glow from your vial by switching on the battery. Requires 1x CR2032 cell battery (not included).

These collectibles were a dream to art direct. I feel like a Skeksis sitting at the banquet table, ready to feast on the amazing opportunities before me. There is so much to choose from!

Daniel Falconer - Art Director & Senior Concept Designer, Weta Workshop

Please note: images are of a pre-production prototype. Each prop replica is hand painted and minor variations will occur.


The Essence Vial is an Open Edition prop replica, meaning it is not restricted to a specific number of reproductions. However, this does not guarantee Weta Workshop will continue to produce the prop in the future. We recommend purchasing your Open Edition prop replica early, to avoid disappointment.


So rich and visionary was Jim Henson’s 1982 passion project that it inspired dreamers across the creative arts, including a whole generation of film effects artists now working at Weta Workshop. Released at a time when many of our crew were young and beginning to explore their own creative energies, The Dark Crystal was an eye-opener: it was possible to bring imaginary worlds to life, and it could be a career! For years, those of us who had fallen in love with this world hoped that someday Thra might return to our screens. Thanks to Netflix, it has, and now we have the chance to express our fandom by creating super faithful, exquisitely detailed collectible figures and prop replicas from The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

And this is just the beginning! More Dark Crystal collectibles are coming soon.

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  1. Beautiful
    The detail and work on this are great but the true beauty shines through (pun intended) when the light is on. The iridescent painting looks gold but once the light is on and the room is darkened, it\'s a beautiful blue and purple glow. Fantastic

    Review by

  2. Love it!
    Absolutely love my vial. Has a nice soft glow and is the prefect size. Looks just like the real one

    Review by

  3. Color Me Impressed!
    I was more interested in the figures but when I saw this vial and the unique curvy motif Froud is famous for I had to order it.

    I wasn’t disappointed. The glass like material is aged and looks like it was sitting on Skektek’s lab table for many a trine.

    I’ve already had people see it on display saying that’s neat! What is it? The vial definitely fills out any Dark Crystal collection and looks great in a display case or on a book shelf.

    Review by

  4. Makes you addicted ;-)
    The vial is also my first Weta piece. It is so beautiful and makes you want more pieces from the Dark Crystal!
    Brea is next... :-)
    Good job, Weta!

    Review by

  5. First piece to arrive
    Of all of the Dark Crystal pieces I\'ve ordered, this is the one that I didn\'t expect too much from - being a prop rather than a Polystone model.

    However, I am blown away by the quality of the piece and appreciate the soft glow that the LED provides.
    The rope is real rope, whilst the vial looks exactly like it does in the AoR show.

    Great work WETA :-)

    Review by

  6. What a great piece
    My first Weta piece, and you live up to your reputation. The feel of this is nice. Everything from the soft glass to the click of the led feels so elegant, and looks downright beautiful. No detail has been overlooked.

    Review by

  7. dose it have stuff inside
    dose it have stuff inside because it would make me wont to buy it more. even if it had some colour full water.

    Review by

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