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1:4 scale helm – Limited Edition of 750
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2.36" x 5.35" x 1.57" (W x H x D) 6 cm x 13.6 cm x 4 cm
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Principal Sculptor:
Shaun Bolton Shaun Bolton

Shaun Bolton

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Among the threads of story that almost made it to the screen was a version of the screenplay of The Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers in which Arwen of Rivendell fought at the battle of Helm’s Deep. Costumes were made and props built, including a helm of exquisite design, which the Elven maiden would have found in the armouries of Rohan.

The daughter of the Elf Lord Elrond, Arwen had betrothed herself to Aragorn, a mortal man raised in her father’s home of Rivendell. Arwen’s love for Aragorn ran counter to Elrond’s hopes she would take ship and leave Middle-earth with the rest of her kin to sail into the West.

There she would live for eternity with her family. By choosing to stand with Aragorn and remain in the world of men, Arwen surrendered her infinite Elven grace, becoming mortal, like him; forever sundered from her father and everlasting kin beyond death.

The film adaptations of JRR Tolkien’s beloved books went through many changes in the multi-year journey from the page to the screen. One of the story threads that underwent changes throughout production was the role of Arwen. In one version of the script Arwen fought at the Battle of Helm’s Deep. This storyline persisted long enough into production that costumes and props were made, but ultimately the screenplay was rewritten to align more closely with Arwen’s storyline in the books.

Our authentic prop replicas and collectibles are designed by the very same artists who have worked on the films, coming straight from Middle-earth.

Richard Taylor – CEO & Co-founder, Wētā Workshop

Each 1:4 scale Helm is made from polystone and comes in an edition of just 750.

Accompanying your Limited Edition helm: an exclusive behind-the-scenes insert written by Wētā Workshop senior concept designer and author, Daniel Falconer, detailing how the film version was brought to the big screen!

Please note: Images are of a pre-production prototype. Each piece is hand painted and some variations may occur.

It takes hundreds of hours to design, sculpt model make, mold, and paint the prototype for each new Middle-earth piece. Whether it be a prop replica, beautiful environment, or iconic character, we treat our collectibles with the same level of care and attention to detail that we bring to our film work.

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