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Weta Workshop is proud to announce MINI EPICS: cool and quirky vinyl figures from the world of film, television, gaming, and beyond!


Vinyl Figure
(W x H x L) 13.5 cm x 15 cm x 7 cm
Weight: 0.399 lbs (0.181 kg)
Principal Sculptor:
Mauro Santini Mauro Santini

Mauro Santini

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Personal space may be an issue with this Mini Epic. Meet your new clingy friend!

In 2019, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of Alien by unleashing the Xenomorph into our Mini Epics mix. We lost a few Executive Officers in the process. Luckily, our heroine has arrived to get the situation back under control.

The Nostromo’s initial resident is now joined by:

Mini Epics sculptor Mauro Santini has been involved in every stage of the Alien’s lifecycle. From the facehugger to the fully-grown creature, he’s added his trademark flair to H.R. Giger’s gruesome designs.

The Facehugger joins our rapidly expanding Mini Epics family. Collect them all!

Please note: Images are of a pre-production prototype. Final product may vary.

SDCC Reveal: Mini Epics with Jorgelina and Mauro


In 2017, under the bright lights of San Diego Comic-Con, Mini Epics were born! Much smaller than swords and shields – and a great deal more chatty.

Super-stylised and ultra-expressive, this new cast of characters was created by Weta Workshop’s collectibles team, a dedicated crew of artists, technicians, craftspeople, and producers, all relishing the chance to distil oodles of personality into a small EPIC package.

The results speak for themselves. That knowing sparkle in those eyes – you didn’t think it got there by accident, do you? Tilt your head a little to the left and you might just catch a wink.

Endlessly collectible. Totally adorable. These pint-sized figures have BIG personalities.

Ready. Set. Collect!

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  1. Best Mini Epics yet
    The stance and the details on this one makes it my favourite of all the Mini Epics yet released.

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  2. The facehugger is awesome.
    Your website always makes my wallet lighter. ;)

    Review by

  3. Face Hugger
    Very successful and very detailed figure that I strongly recommend to fans of the franchise!

    Review by

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