The Lord Of The Rings : Uruk-hai General's Helm

$49.99 USD
Edition Size:
5.1" x 5.5" x 3.9" (H x W x D)
13 cm x 14 cm x 10 cm

Hoping to strike his decisive blow in the War of the Ring, Saruman the White, fallen Wizard and pawn of the Dark Lord, threw his army of Uruk-hai at the people of Rohan.

At the great stone fortress of Helm's Deep the newly forged and blooded forces of the Wizard fell upon the defenders of King Theoden's redoubt like waves against a shore, inexorably tearing at rock and shield alike with claws, teeth and rough hewn blades of cold iron. What Saruman's Orc-bred minions lacked in experience they made up in overwhelming numbers and irrepressible hunger for carnage and ruin.

Channelling the raw energy of his soldiers, Saruman appointed officers from their ranks to direct their savagery to greatest effect, and these he crowned with skull-faced wide-crested battle helms so they might be seen and obeyed by their men amid the surging throng. According to rank and function, each commander's crest was wrought in a distinctive shape and emblazoned in crude white and crimson heraldry of Uruk design, a fearsome visage heralding near certain doom for the keep's beleaguered defenders.

This 1/4 scale helm was created by the same artists and craftspeople who worked on The Lord of the Rings. The prop was designed by Warren Mahy and has been miniaturised by David Tremont and Jonny Brough.

To ensure precise reproduction of the fine textures of the full scale prop, the helm is made from polyurethane, painted and aged by hand to match the original.

It comes with the same pedestal stand as previous releases in Weta's The Lord of the Rings collection and will fit right in next to your other helms.

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  • Uruk-hai General's Helm
  • Uruk-hai General's Helm
  • Uruk-hai General's Helm
  • Uruk-hai General's Helm
  • Uruk-hai General's Helm

Please note: Images above are of a production sample. Each helmet is painted and finished by hand and slight variations will occur.


A few words from John Howe about this piece:

Some of my favourite helmets in the Lord of the Rings are the ones we barely saw: the Uruk-hai engineers, for example, and many of the Rohan and Orc helms, but my all-time choice would be the Uruk-hai commander, with the broad crest. It was modeled after the helmets worn by the generals of the Roman Empire, with a hint of kabuto for good measure.

I'm delighted to see it coming out - at last! - in the quarter-scale miniature collection.

John Howe

Most useful user reviews

Weta Collector
1 stars

Sorry but I have to agree

Sorry Weta but you dropped the ball with this one... While I... Read more.

Sorry Weta but you dropped the ball with this one... While I was aware that the helm would be in plastic I was disappointed in the quality of the finished product. The helm stands out next to the other helms in the collection and for all the wrong reasons. The patina of the material is too light and in no way reflects the dark tones of the other Uruk-Hai helms. As an avid collector of the helm series I was really looking forward to starting back up collecting again but now I am reconsidering if I really want to. Keep up the great work guys - everyone has their bad days... Hide.

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Weta Collector
0 stars

Very disappointed!

I have every single miniature LoTR helm that was released except for... Read more.

I have every single miniature LoTR helm that was released except for the Witch King of Angmar helm (medallion club bonus) & I was ecstatic to pick up the Uruk-Hai General's helm at SDCC 2012. Bad things happen when people assume. Well, that lesson could not have been more correct. Since the mini helms in the past have all been made of metal, I was under the assumption that this one would be too. After all, Weta was finishing the line of unproduced helms that Sideshow Collectibles didn't offer. Nowhere in the description in the display case at Weta's Comic-Con booth stated that this helm was made of plastic. To add insult to injury, they charged $50 instead of the $25 of the former helms which were cast in metal. Disappointed doesn't begin to describe my feelings. I drive back from San Diego only to discover that the helm is plastic when I go to display it with the other ones. Shame on you, Weta! You've really slapped the helm collectors in the face with this one. I will not be purchasing the other two planned helms (Pikeman's & Sapper's). To double the original price & construct it out of cheap plastic is essentially a disservice to your loyal customer base. I refuse to even give this product a rating of one star because it doesn't even deserve that. Once again, shame on you. Hide.

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Weta Collector
0 stars

Extremely disappointment

I, too, was disappointed that this helm was cast in plastic. ... Read more.

I, too, was disappointed that this helm was cast in plastic. Deep in the descriptive text it was said that this was done to achieve a greater level of detail. Although when compared to the first Uruk-Hai helmet there is some SLIGHT increase in detail, this is offset by the fact that it doesn't really look like battle-scarred metal. This is especially true when it is sitting on the shelf with the other helms. There is something about how the light plays across the surface. It is somehow too sharp, too perfect.
The initial prospectus also quoted John Howe's pleasure in finally seeing this helmet produced. I would be interested in just how happy he is with the final result-- especially with the addition (in bright white) of New Line Pictures licensing statement on the underside of the rear flange of the helm. A piece of art has been turned into a piece of product. Hide.

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