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Winner of seventeen Academy Awards, The Lord of the Rings was brought to the big screen by New Line Cinema and directed by Peter Jackson. Weta Workshop was intrinsically involved in the design and physical effects manufacture for all three films.


Sterling Silver
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This is an exact replica of the 25 inch (65 cm) chain Frodo used to carry The One Ring around his neck.

Made from Sterling Silver, it truly is the most authentic chain you could hope to get for your One Ring, designed and manufactured by Jens Hansen - Gold & Silversmith of Nelson, New Zealand, the makers and designers of the original movie prop for The Lord of the Rings.

Our authentic prop replicas and collectibles are created by the very same artists who have worked on the three films, so effectively they come straight from Middle-earth.

Richard Taylor - CEO & Co-founder, Weta Workshop

It features the authentic and much sought-after S-shaped link seen in the close-up shots in the movies, an ancient clasp design that allows you to lock the chain at any length you desire.

It is the same chain we include with The One Ring - 18K Solid Gold.

Now you can buy it separately, perhaps for your The One Ring - Gold Plated Tungsten Carbide or if you want a longer chain for your Elven Leaf brooch/pendant.

Click here for a detailed guide on how to care for your Sterling Silver jewellery.

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  1. Great replica
    I purchased this Frodo's chain in addition to The One Ring. It gives a feeling of purity, delicacy, and brightness.
    Nothing more to say, good stuff ;-)

    Review by

  2. Straight out of Middle Earth
    I never actually expected the build quality and experience of wearing the necklace to be so perfect!

    Just from looking at it, it shines so bright and white when it's in the light that it makes it look like gems!

    The chains are very soft to the touch, but nice and strong! I don't feel like they're ever going to break unless I really, REALLY try to!

    The only thing I'm concerned about is the "S" clasp. It seems to be easily bent one way or another when a good amount of force is applied, and I'm worried about bending it too much to the point where I break it.

    So far it seems to be okay and not in need of any bending from regular use, but the S-clasp really makes it feel and look like a genuine article from the Elven smiths of Middle Earth!

    And, of course, it goes perfectly with The One Ring whenever I wear it out and about!

    A must-have as a LoTR fan who wants to add some extra bling to their collection!

    Review by

  3. Chain of Frodo - GORGEOUS!!! ❤️
    WOW!! If you are a collector of LOTR, you DEFINITELY want to get the Chain of Frodo!! It’s really beautiful. ❤️
    Hope to one day add a gold ‘the one ring’ to my chain.
    The chain fits perfectly over my head. No need for me to ‘open up’ the ‘S’ shape (I have no ring yet anyhow to add to the chain).
    It’s too gorgeous to pass up! If you don’t have one, buy one and add it to your LOTR’s collection. ❤️

    Review by

  4. Necklace of Frodo
    This necklace is beautiful. I love that it is a solid 925 sterling so it won\'t tarnish. After observing shots from the film, it seems that they used different lengths of this necklace for different scenes. Sometimes the ring can be seen falling in the middle of Frodo\'s chest, other times it would be closer to the collarbone. I think the advertised 25 inch of this necklace is the PERFECT length.

    Furthermore, the end scene in \"Fellowship\" where Frodo holds the ring with the necklace in his palm, the S-clasp appears to be more curved at the ends and less wider. Yes, the S-clasp can be somewhat hard to undo, but with a bit of wiggling, it is not an issue. It\'s good that the clasp is made as such so that it won\'t snap after prolonged use (or so that the necklace won\'t come undone on its own).

    My only complaint is I wish that the links of the necklace itself is a bit thicker and heavier like in the film. I also wish Weta sells just the S-clasp and a lobster claw variation in case customers want a replacement (if they broke theirs). Either way, it\'s still a great/very faithful reproduction. Shipping took about 5 days from New Zealand to the midwest of the US. You can\'t beat it! Thank you, Weta and Jens Hansen!

    Review by

  5. Stunning
    The chain compliments the One Ring phenomenally, the colour and feel are all on point. But one thing is that I felt that the one Frodo had was a bit thicker and heavier. But overall great piece.

    Review by

  6. One word: Stunning
    We needs it, we wants it, the precious(imitation of

    Review by

  7. :)
    I got mine only today but so far I like it. I bought it to be a partner to my Evenstar pendant and it is obvious the pendant was made with this chain in mind, but it also looks and feels better with the thicker chain.

    Review by

  8. Expected a little more
    Overall the chain is nice, it has lasted a while without being tarnished or anything breaking, however it is tiny. especially in my large hands the chain just feels fragile and like it has no weight to it. I also didnt think it looked like silver upon first glance. I like it, but it doesnt have the high quality that other weta products have and that I have come to expect.

    Review by

  9. Amazing!
    It really is amazing and it looks exactly like it's supposed to.

    BUT, for everyone who is looking to buy this I would suggest that you get the normal chain instead because the S shape has two pretty bad downsides. 1. It's pretty hard to put on the first couple of times and if you're not careful you might damage the chain. 2. Once used a couple of times, the S shape becomes more open and it gets undone by itself sometimes, meaning that you can LOSE YOUR RING. I would really recommend the standard chain instead, just to be safe. It looks great as well.

    Review by

  10. I love it!!!
    I just got it today about a week ahead of what they told me it would take to get here. The chain itself is beautifully made, the chain is very shiny. The clasp seems very secure. I thought I would not like the hallmark on the clasp, but is hardly noticeable, much smaller than how it is depicted in the picture. My ring looks very nice around it even though it is not the Weta one.

    Review by

  11. Amazing !!!
    Just a perfect replica !

    Review by

  12. Fenomenal
    Awesome chain. Light, shinny, so classy made. Only the packing should be in wooden presentation box also. Impressed overall.

    p.s. Love the clasp

    Review by

  13. Great Chain, Terrible Clasp
    So, a couple of times since I received the necklace, the clasp has come undone a couple of times.
    Today, it came undone and I didn't notice...and I lost it.
    Luckily the pendant I had on it fell in my bra and I didn't lose that as well.
    And it's _not_ the same clasp as in the movies--the one in Fellowship at least had the standard clasp.

    Review by

  14. Superb
    Fantastic quality; no seam or cast lines, light, polished to a very high lustre!

    Review by

  15. love it
    the chain is a bit smaller than i was expecting but either way i love it! it's delicate and the s lock really adds to the overall look. the shipping was so fast and it was carefully packaged (although a pouch of some sort would have been better).
    i'm now looking to buy the one ring to accompany the chain.
    thanks weta!

    Review by

  16. The perfect companion for the ring
    This chain is the perfect companion for the One Ring.
    It is like the one you see in the movie around Frodo´s neck.
    The Jen Hansen´s logo is engraved in the "S" lock but it is almost unperceptible...but at the same time is the guarantee of an official product.
    I purchased it to display de ring hanged from Sting and it looks very nice!
    Maybe a small pouch would be the final touch to present this item , as it cames just wrapped in a plastic bag...

    Review by

  17. Beautiful Piece
    I don't know how to explain how a chain in itself could be a great piece, but this one is. The design is wonderful, and it fits a lot of my jewelry, even non-LOTR ones. Put it with the one ring, and it's flawless. Perfect fit!

    The downside is because of the S design of the lock, sometimes, if you move around too much, the chain could come undone on its own. But that is how it is in the movie, so movie-wise, this is a 5 in its faithfulness. Practicality-wise, the "S" design could be improved to make it harder for the chain to come undone accidentally.

    Review by

  18. Great product
    I'm very happy withthis silver chain. I've been looking for one like that with no luck here is Europe, glad I've found Weta's site :)
    The fastening system is indeed a great adition, so god looking!
    I've also bought the Tungsten ring along with this chain for a perfect combo.
    Thanks and kudos Weta.
    (also, the shipping to France took only a week which is great)

    Review by

  19. Great chain
    Even though there is an image i will still mention that the chain is very true to the look of the original movie prop. It initially looked fairly small but after opening the bag i realised it was actually quite big and it certainly is durable, it holds the Ring with ease if you intend on buying both. The fastening system is easier to operate than you may think and is also a great looking feature of the chain. I think thats all that needs saying about this particular product, and a great one it is.

    Review by

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