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The edition size was set at 347 based on the number of pre-orders placed over a 4 week period from 18 October 2022 to 15 November 2022. Like all of our limited edition products, this item will no longer be reproduced.

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The Lord of the Rings trilogy won seventeen Academy Awards. Wētā Workshop was intrinsically involved in the design and physical effects manufacture for all three films.


1:6 scale statue – Limited Edition of 347
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21.65" x 29.92" x 23.62" (W x H x D) 55 cm x 76 cm x 60 cm
Weight: 34.833 lbs (15.8 kg)

Deep in the forest of Fangorn a gnarled, old, green shepherd dozed among the gently rustling trees of his herd. Finglas, or Leaflock as he was named in the common tongue, was one of the most ancient of the Ents; time-weathered giants who watched over the wild woods that once covered much of Middle-earth.

By the waning years of the Third Age those great forests of ages past had shrunk to but small and patchy remnants, and among the peoples of the world the Shepherds of the Trees were spoken of as myth. Indeed, few remained, and those who did, spent more time sleeping than awake, barely discernible from the trees in their care.

Leaflock was one such, but only the foolish would mistake his gentle slumber for timidity, or the frailty of age, for when roused to heat in defence of his flock an Ent could unleash a wrath that shook the ground and shattered stone.

So would Saruman learn, when in his pride he burned the woods of Fangorn. Called to action, the Ents would march upon his fortress of Isengard, and neither stone, nor fire; neither arrow nor axe; would turn aside their terrible advance when the Ents marched to war.


  • 1:6 scale;
  • Limited Edition;
  • Made from high-quality polystone;
  • Depicts one of the last remaining Ents during the siege of Isengard;
  • Contains two (and a half) Orcs, squashed, pinned and/or crushed by the Ent’s wrath;
  • Sculpted by combining the talents of Zhaohui Gong, Shaun Bolton, and Kim Beaton.

Leaflock is one of my absolute favourite Ent designs, so I was delighted to see him featured in some really fun action moments in The Two Towers. Twenty years on, I cannot overstate how excited I am to see him finally making his collectible statue debut, re-enacting some of those moments!

Daniel Falconer – Art Director, Wētā Workshop

Orders for this piece were open for a strictly limited time, from 1PM 18th October to 12PM 15th November (PST). The final edition size was determined by the total number of orders made during this period. No more, no less.

Please note: Images are of a pre-production prototype. Each piece is hand painted and some variations may occur.



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It takes hundreds of hours to design, sculpt model make, mold, and paint the prototype for each new Middle-earth piece. Whether it be a prop replica, beautiful environment, or iconic character, we treat our collectibles with the same level of care and attention to detail that we bring to our film work.

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