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Gandalf the Grey Cloak

An exact replica of the original cloak worn in the movie trilogy, using the same woollen material, produced from the same farm in New Zealand and woven on the same 19th century looms.

Woven and sewn by our friends at Stansborough, in Wellington, New Zealand, these cloaks are the real thing.

These works of art (and other new items) will shortly be available to purchase on the Weta website

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Weta is returning to Middle-earth.

We are delighted to announce our new license with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to create a new range of the most authentic, fine art collectibles and memorabilia based on The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. This range is designed and created by the same Academy Award-winning artists who worked on the movie trilogy.

We have patiently waited for the opportunity to offer the most authentic replicas you could ever hope to find. The wait is over; it has been four long years since Weta last released any new collectibles from The Lord of the Rings.

Our new license covers a wide range of new product categories, beginning with the following new items to be launched at San Diego Comic-Con on July 22-26, 2009.

The Master Swordsmith's Collection - Peter Lyon of Weta Workshop

Weta will offer a very limited-edition of the most authentic swords from The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. Each sword is individually hand-crafted by Peter Lyon, the Master Swordsmith from Weta Workshop, who created the original swords used in the movies.

These blades are created using old world techniques for the sword purist, the way swords used to be made, for fighting. The first sword to be released is Anduril, in a limited-edition of only 10 worldwide. Each sword comes with a 10-minute DVD showing the artistic process and featuring interviews with Richard Taylor, John Howe and Peter Lyon. The video will shortly be made available for viewing on this website.


A full scale replica of Gollum, a timeless sculpture, cast in bronze or in faux bronze fiberglass
sculpted by the artists who helped bring him to life.

Miniature Shield Collectibles

A new range of cast metal miniature shields, built to exacting precision by Weta's senior model maker, Dave Tremont (who built Grond and many of the miniatures used in filming the trilogy)

They can be displayed as stunning collectibles on their custom built bases, or worn as badges to your next convention.



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Weta Fan

Mini Shields!

I love it! My helms have been waiting for these. ... Read more.

I love it! My helms have been waiting for these. :) Does anyone know if these are in the same scale as the helms or weapons plaques? Hide.

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Weta Fan


This is almost unbelieveable - which is good as I probably won't... Read more.

This is almost unbelieveable - which is good as I probably won't be able to afford any of them heh heh :)

Just a question though. How come Gandalf the Grey's cloak has an elven brooch? That brooch was given to the Fellowship *after* Gandalf was lost in Moria... hmm... what's the story behind that? Hide.

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Weta Fan

Oh My God !!

Very great news !!

wait and see ;) Read more.

Very great news !!

wait and see ;) Hide.

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