Dr. Grordbort's : The Unnatural Selector - Miniature Version

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Edition Size:
3.9" x 11.4" x 2" (H x W x D)
10 cm x 29 cm x 5 cm
0.6 lbs (250 g)

At just under 1 ft (11.4 inches or 29 cm) it's about three times as long as our previous three miniature rayguns, but a mere 1/4 the size of the Unnatural Selector on which it is based.

And it's every ounce as beautiful and well made as its full-size relative.

This absolutely stunning feat of miniaturisation is the fourth weapon in Dr Grordbort's range of miniature rayguns. The first, the Mini Manmelter sold out at Comic Con 2007. The second and third, the Mini Goliathon and the Mini F.M.O.M. are selling out fast.

This gun, Lord Cockswain's weapon of choice, is made from various metals as well as Venusian Worm Oak (a compound that contains traces of not actual wood...). It comes on a stand embossed as THE UNNATURAL SELECTOR.

Designed by Greg Broadmore and modelled by David Tremont, this is another stunning piece for your collection.

The Unnatural Selector is shipping from our local warehouses in the US, the UK and New Zealand.



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Weta Collector
0 stars

A truly wizard piece of ordnance!

3 times the size at less than twice the cost of the... Read more.

3 times the size at less than twice the cost of the other microminiaturized weaponry, the Blunderbuss is clearly the pick of the litter.

Extra bonifications pour moi-- acquired at Comic de Convention sur Etas Unis, thus avoiding poncy shipping costs. Not to mention that I was also able to secure the John Hancock of one G. Broadmore, who apparently had something to do with the production of said weapon. Hide.

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Weta Collector
4 stars

a worth-while addition to the armoury of any gentleman or fine lady of sadly reduced means

For those of us without large disposable incomes to hand, and unable... Read more.

For those of us without large disposable incomes to hand, and unable to spare a kidney, the Unnatural Selector is beyond reach. But fret not! The miniature version is more than adequate for the hunting of smaller specimens of xenofauna, such as that found in the foothills of Venus. Equally capable of bagging a rare Venusian insectivoid, or silencing that annoying yappy little dog belonging to the elderly matron next door (goodbye Mr Snuffykins!), it is a worth-while addition to the armoury of any gentleman or fine lady of sadly reduced means.

It may be 1/45 of the price, but it seems a remarkably accurate copy of the real thing. Literally every knob, tube, valve, toggle, switch, dial, handle and oojamaflip that is on the real thing is there, and the paintwork of the metal parts is excellent.

My only real quibble is with the decoration of the "Venusian Wormwood" stock - on mine, the paint has been applied too thickly to the right hand side, so the detail of the carving in the stock can hardly bee seen on that side, and the brass rings at the end of the stock are a bit sloppily painted. Otherwise, all seems fine and dandy.

On first handling it I was disappointed at how light and "plasticky" it felt compared to the other all-metal minis. This one is mostly made of plastic/resin, but I can see that is partly due to the complexity of the shapes involved. However, upon further investigation I was more than satisfied with the quality of construction. Nearly all the tubing has been added after wards for instance, and not just molded as part of the main body - and there really is a LOT of tubing on this beauty!

Because it is not pure metal I imagine, it is very good value compared to the other minis too - 4 times more bang for less than double the bucks. However, if possible, I would prefer all-metal miniatures in the future.

All in all, well worth getting, and in the event of invasion by the Moonmen rely on me to hang around at the back, bravely finishing off the wounded with this fine weapon. Hide.

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Weta Collector
5 stars

Look out rodents!!!

Indeed it is a triumph of miniaturization both in the weapon and... Read more.

Indeed it is a triumph of miniaturization both in the weapon and the price (especially nice for those on lesser budgets). The detail is the pretty much same and it's just really nice, made by very tiny people :o)

The scale really suits the obliteration of rodents and obnoxious yorkies where you need to get into small spaces. Well done, Dr. Grorodbort's!

Inside the box lid it shows the collection of miniature guns which includes the Pearce 75 Atom Ray Gun not yet released. Hide.

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