The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey : The One Ring - Gold Plated Tungsten Carbide (without Elvish runes)

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Weta is pleased to be working with Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith to produce Gollum's precious ring in gold plated Tungsten Carbide.

Jens Hansen's reputation as a brilliant ringmaker was one of the main reasons he was approached to make the One Ring for The Lord of the Rings. Today Jens Hansen's son, Halfdan Hansen, continues his father's legacy, and supervises the production of The One Ring for us. Find out more about Jens Hansen.

It's crafted to the exact shape, thickness and proportions of the other rings Jens Hansen has created for Weta. The 18K gold plating and the significant weight of the Tungsten Carbide now ensures that you can get your own Preciousss that looks and feels absolutely right.

This gorgeous piece of jewellery is completely smooth and comes without Elvish runes. If you prefer to have a ring with with Elvish runes, we recommend The One Ring - Gold Plated Tungsten Carbide from The Lord of the Rings with Elvish Runes.

The ring comes in a wooden gift box made from natural Cherry timber which can be displayed open thanks to an ingenious and almost invisible elastic hinge or closed with a strong rare-earth magnet.

The lid features a The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey logo on the outside and the logos of Weta and Jens Hansen on the inside. The inside bottom of the box is lined with burgundy velvet.

Like anything made from natural timber, variations in grain and colour will occur and the colour may also change over time. This is an entirely natural process.

Other items of Middle-earth jewellery in the Weta range include:

Each item in our new series of jewellery is made in small numbers, so order as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.

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  • Gollum's Precious
  • Gollum's Precious



My father Jens Hansen knew and loved J.R.R Tolkien’s books, and was very excited when he heard the movies were going to be filmed in New Zealand. Then came a phone call asking if he would make The One Ring. He was thrilled and honoured, as we are to have now created the world's most authentic One Ring replica exclusively for Weta, and for you.”

Halfdan Hansen, Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith


Find Your Size

The One Ring - Gold Plated Tungsten Carbide comes in five sizes.

It is very important that you order the right size, as Tungsten cannot be re-sized. 

Check the table below for your size. We have listed UK and US sizes as well as metric measurements.

If you don't know your ring size, please check out our handy guide.

The One Ring - Gold Plated Tungsten Carbide is available in the following sizes:

UK Inner Diameter mm US
17.3 7
18.2 8
R½ 18.9 9
T½ 19.9 10
V½ 20.7 11

About Tungsten

Tungsten is a natural element which has many unique properties. It has the highest melting point of all non-alloyed metals and is extremely hard - approximately four times harder than Titanium. Tungsten is most well known for its virtually scratchproof qualities. Even in high impact environments, tungsten will not scratch.

The product you have purchased from Weta is a Gold Plated product - with reasonable wear and tear the gold finish should retain its lustre for at least 2 years.

Tungsten carbide is 100% hypoallergenic and will not produce skin irritation or discoloration. Tungsten does not react to sunlight, salt water, chlorine or anything that the body emits.

Tungsten carbide rings require other metals to be used as a "binder", in the case of the One Ring, nickel is used. Tungsten bonds to the nickel molecules, preventing them from leeching into the skin. This is why Tungsten is hypoallergenic.


We cannot accept responsibility for wrong size ordered. Please double-check all measurements before you order.

Please also read Weta's returns policy

Most useful user reviews

Weta Collector
5 stars

One Ring to Rule Them All™

This is a wonderful replica of an instantly recognizable prop. Weta's... Read more.

This is a wonderful replica of an instantly recognizable prop. Weta's One Ring is an excellent replica of the movie rings, and if you order it in US size 11 (the same as used in filming LOTR), this is about as close as you can get to the real One Ring from the films. It has a really nice heft, and the proportions look spot on in every way.

Unfortunately, though, there is some trademark information on the inside of the band, which is laser engraved so as not to be removable. This trademark info is clearly visible from a distance, and goes about halfway around the entire band, so it's hard to hide for a three-sided display.

In short, this is easily the best replica available for the price range, but the trademark on the band does sour the purchase slightly. If you're looking for a great replica, though, this is the One for you. Hide.

8 of 8 people found this useful.

Weta Collector
5 stars

Absolutely fantastic!

I´ve just received it and it looks amazing!
It is a heavy ring... Read more.

I´ve just received it and it looks amazing!
It is a heavy ring , using the size guide chart I get a perfect size for me .
The presentation box it is also amazing.
Some people dislike the copyright marks that appear inside the ring , but this is not a problem for me , and it adds a guarantee of the maker.
A must have for all LOTR fans! Hide.

2 of 2 people found this useful.

Weta Collector
4 stars

The real one ring!

Beautiful ring! I had bought another replica a few years ago, from... Read more.

Beautiful ring! I had bought another replica a few years ago, from the Monnaie de Paris I believe, but it was not the one ring, just a pale imitation, too skinny, not the right shape, etc. This one, in true Weta style, is just perfect. Heavy, shiny, deep yellow gold. When I had it in my hand, I really felt like Bilbo leaving Bag-End and trying to leave the ring behind... The only small downside is the brand and writing on the inside of the ring, but I guess you can't escape copyright and other marketing laws... Hide.

7 of 8 people found this useful.