The Making of Barad-dûr - Complete!

David and Barad-dur
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  • David and Barad-dur
  • Barad-dur - Fortress of Sauron
  • Barad-dur - Fortress of Sauron

Weta Senior Modelmaker David Tremont shares some of his experiences building collectibles for Weta and leading up to the launch of Weta's Barad-dûr - Fortress of Sauron environment.

The inimitable writing style is Dave's own and we promise you an entertaining read. You will never get closer to the core of the thoughts (the fear), the craft and the processes that create a fantastical miniature model.

The document also features a foreword by Richard Taylor.


The Making of Barad-dûr.


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love this stuff

This exactly what I am looking for, an insight into how all... Read more.

This exactly what I am looking for, an insight into how all your experts do things like modelling Sauron's castle, it is just fantastic. i may never be able to do something like that but it gives me food for thought. wonderful stuff, the tools, the materials, explanations etc are just outstanding.Thanks Hide.

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