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One of the things that makes it a challenge to depict as a miniature environment is the fact that we really only get a quick look at it from a single side in the films. One of the cool things about the collectible is going to be the chance we have to show folks aspects of the location that they haven't seen, like some of the windows of the rooms behind the parlour and the garden."

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We have received many requests from fans, friends, customers and staff to create a collectible sculpture of Bag End, from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Today we are pleased to confirm this project has started.

Due to the popularity of this iconic part of Hobbiton, we thought you might like to get regular updates on the designing, sculpting, model making and production of this fine art collectible. We'll be posting these updates on the "Bag End" thread of our fan forum on the Shadow and Flame, and also in our e-mail newsletters.

The entire process will take several months. So they should be ready for shipment to customers in mid 2010.

Please keep in mind that any images we show you, are always open to change, by the Weta artists involved and of course by the Licensor. Afterall, this is an artistic endeavour.

The first phase of the project, is to create the initial design. We are thrilled to advise that Daniel Falconer, who of course was heavily involved in the designing of the movies, is leading the design of this piece.

Here are Daniel's initial thoughts on the prospect of designing Bag End in a sculptural form:

Who wouldn't want to live at Bag End? Bilbo's home is one of the most recognizable environments of the Lord of the Rings books and movie trilogy, but more than its iconic status, I think the draw of Bag End is its aspirational quality. Everything about the design oozes comfort, serenity and gentleness. This is home for both the Hobbits and for us. It's where the story begins and ends, and it provides the counterpoint to all the peril and darkness of the trilogy. As a collector of high end the Lord of the Rings items, Bag End is an essential piece for me to want to help create and eventually to own because it is the treasure that is at stake in the quest, more so than the Ring. The Ring is evil and corrupting, while Bag End and the Shire represent what is at stake and what our heroes are fighting and sacrificing themselves to protect.


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There's No Place Like Home!

BagEnd - Salute Weta! Read more.

BagEnd - Salute Weta! Hide.

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We've got the Shire

So thrilled that at last we will have a Bag End environment!... Read more.

So thrilled that at last we will have a Bag End environment! And we get to follow it every step of the way. Can't wait to see it take shape. Good luck and enjoy, Daniel! Hide.

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Wohoooo!.. can't wait for this. Thanks Weta. Read more.

Wohoooo!.. can't wait for this. Thanks Weta. Hide.

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