Hellgate London : The Female Templar

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Edition Size:
13.8" x 10.2" x 13.8" (H x W x D)
35 cm x 26 cm x 35 cm

The Templar are the true believers, the keepers of the faith, and the destroyers of evil. They are extremely organized and regimented, their centuries of preparation giving them the best basic footing for waging war against the demons. They also control and defend the London Underground, which serves as mankind's sanctuary.

This is the Female Templar, standing victorious over the corpse of her latest conquest.

Sculpted By Weta Workshop's Brigitte Wuest.

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Weta Collector
5 stars

Strength and Beauty

Sculpted by Brigitte Wuest, comes a statue with amazing detail and a... Read more.

Sculpted by Brigitte Wuest, comes a statue with amazing detail and a clear understanding of shape and form. Lord of the Rings fans may well be familiar with a couple of her other outstanding piece’s, The Morgul Lord and Gandalf the White on Shadowfax. If nothing else, all three show the tremendous variety that Brigitte is capable of.
There is a clear understanding of anatomy with the skin-tight rubber suit, which includes fine detail ribbing, which is only exceeded by the ridged lines and wire piping of her tech-enhanced armour.
Yet, in many ways, it’s the textured body, the sharp claws and spikes and the opened jaw with tongue dropping out and half open eye’s of the dead demon beast at the Templar’s feet, which almost make you feel sorry for the poor thing.
The Hellgate: London base has the look and weight of marble, combined with a couple of sculpted in crack lines, the painted lines and overall perlin type texture, convey the impression of an old round marble tile carved with ancient symbols.
Then, once you get past the base, things only get better. From the fine graduations in colour over the daemons body, to tips of pink/red giving clues to its only recent death and a wet, glossy look of the tongue and half open eye’s, the sculpt is truly brought to life, or death, as the case may be.
This care and attention to detail continues once we move onto the Templar herself. The battle scared silver armour looks just like metal and the underlining suit just screams rubber. The gold sections sparkle and shine just as if it was real gold). And even though all those ridges that have the gold lining are very fine at 1/6th scale, there is no real spillage of paint onto the main armour.
Then we get to the face, no thick painted eyebrows here, its all a very soft, careful and serene paint application with a two tone hair style. If you look close enough, you will even see that she has freckles.
For anyone with an interest in female statues or medieval type characters (she doesn’t look all that out of place among a Lord of the Rings collection), or you just appreciate an amazing piece of art, then you won’t be disappointed with the Female Templar. Hide.

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Weta Collector
4 stars

Hellgate Tempar (F)

Out of all the four this was the one I was looking... Read more.

Out of all the four this was the one I was looking the... second most forward to.

It's an amazing piece and especially the base and demon she is standing on just makes this into one of the best statues I've ever seen.

There is however one little flaw in my mind and this is the only reason to it not receiving a 5/5, the sword, when I got her the sword which is a fragile piece of plastic was bent almost beyond recognition.
After a few hours of bending techniques and exercises it was almost straight however.

Another thing which is mostly a plus is that this is the only statue I own which has been licked by a friend.

Although annoyed I must agree, she does have a fine butt this one but beyond that she actually wears an insane amount of clothing and that's something I've always found to be an extra plus.

If you like strong female characters this is a definite buy, I don't regret a penny of the cost. Hide.

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Weta Collector
5 stars

Thoroughly Laudable

While studying the statue over the years I have often asked myself... Read more.

While studying the statue over the years I have often asked myself what is going through the mind of this Templar? For me, the facial expression is successfully multifaceted. It has a pensive countenance and there is a sense in the expression that betrays some bewilderment and then some resignation regarding what the subject has done and what must continue to do in order to destroy the throngs of invading minions of Hell. The Templar must kill these abominations in their thousands. So perhaps our heroine is looking down and reminding herself that she must continue to destroy; she must continue to be violent, angry and aggressive, in order to rid the world of this malignant menace. She comforts herself so, but ostensibly with some doubt or perhaps even remorse.

The statue's pose has led me to the following conclusions. Her sword is still unsheathed affirming her belief that brutal and unforgiving violence is necessary and as the weapon remains unsheathed the Templar’s work is unfinished. Her leg in a conquering pose, atop her foe, and her unhelmeted head, communicates her mission, if only for the moment, is complete. Her expression and downcast gaze imparts an exhaustion-the Templar seems momentarily oblivious of her surroundings, reflective and distracted. To paraphrase the band Saboton, through the gates of hell she makes her way to heaven. Both psychologically and literally.

All of this interpretation, which some may find tedious and even pretentious, would not be possible unless the detail and painting of the statue was not entirely believable. And it is.

The Templar's textures and moulding are beyond reproach. For example, there are nics and scratches in the armour which imply the character has fought against enemies that fight back, and ferociously so. Flesh looks like flesh, metal looks like metal, rubber looks like rubber, neoprene looks like neoprene, hair looks like hair, fangs look like fangs, spikes look like spikes, and claws look like claws. What makes this statue more believable than it may have been is that it does not fall foul of hyper sexualised cliches: no huge cleavage and suchlike, like those found in many, if not most other heroine statues. Details like the asymmetric abdominals, which gives the impression of laboured breathing, and the slightly windswept hair are brilliant points of detail. This kind of intricacy is thoroughly laudable. The textures on the statue are excellent and so are the paint applications, with absolutely no bleeding or other problems, as another reviewer has indicated.

Another excellent feature is that the sculpt has a detailed base unlike most other Weta statues. Mystic glyphs are carved into a marble effect base. The slain foe, a minor daemon, has slight gloss effects to the eyes and mouth, which impart a look of a believably recent kill, making for effective continuity in the presented scene. The statue is absolutely true to the world from which it comes: the PC game Hellgate London.

For me, all of this absolute attention to detail is what makes the Female Templar statue Weta’s best female sculpt compared with any other it has produced before or since. It is a “Grail” amongst my collection.

I unreservedly recommend this statue. It is beautiful, provocative and powerful. Hide.

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