The Lord Of The Rings : The Fellowship of the Ring - Set 3

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5.5" x 7.5" x 5.1" (H x W x D)
14 cm x 19 cm x 13 cm
1.3 lbs (580 g)

With the fate of Middle-earth at stake, a Fellowship of nine walkers stride forth from Rivendell.  Nothing less daunting than Mordor itself and the fires of Mount Doom is their quest’s ultimate destination, where the One Ring of Power must be thrown into the roiling depths and Sauron’s enduring menace finally defeated. 

 Fellowship of the Ring - Set 3

Aragorn is the company’s ranger, a tall, sinewy man of the North, part of a dwindling order who protect the wild country of ancient Arnor and take council with Wizards and Elves.  Though he seems no more than a simple sword of the woods, Aragorn bears royal blood, being the last of the ancient line of kings of men who once held dominion over most of the West and by whose valour the dark forces were held at bay.  Samwise Gamgee, ring bearer Frodo’s gardener and friend through the darkest of challenges, leads the Fellowship’s tenth member, Bill the pack pony.  Sam and Bill share a quiet fortitude and simple manner, lacking in graces but boundless in steadfastness.

This is the third and final in a series of three sets, which together make up the entire Fellowship of the Ring (all three sets can be seen together in the image on the left). The first set includes the first 3 characters; Gandalf the Grey, Frodo Baggins and Legolas. The second set consists of Gimli the Dwarf, Boromir, Merry and Pippin.

These three sets have been created in response to ongoing collector requests for a diorama of the full Fellowship on their trek across Middle-earth. They have been sculpted at miniature scale (for those with limited shelf space) and are ideally suited to display alongside our iconic The Lord of the Rings environments like Rivendell and Bag End.

The height from the bottom of the base to the top of Aragorn's head is 5.5 inches (or 14cm). The base is 7.5 inches (or 19cm) long and 5.1 inches (or 13cm) wide.

The Fellowship of the Ring has been sculpted, molded, modeled and painted by a wide team of artists from Weta Workshop, who helped create the Trilogy. It is then reproduced in polystone resin, the material of choice for fine art details.

Note: We will be producing initial volumes in line with the volume of pre-orders received. So please pre-order now to ensure your Fellowship of the Ring is reserved for you.

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  • The Fellowship of the Ring - Set 3
  • The Fellowship of the Ring - Set 3
  • The Fellowship of the Ring - all three sets
  • The Fellowship of the Ring - Set 3
  • The Fellowship of the Ring - Set 3

Please Note: Product photos are of a pre-production prototype. Every individual item is painted by hand and variations will occur. Weights and dimensions are approximate.

The Fellowship of the Ring is an open edition series of 3 Sets.


The image shows all three sets displayed together. Each set is available separately.

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must have collection

I was slightly disappointed with the detail on this, and found... Read more.

I was slightly disappointed with the detail on this, and found it to be slightly over priced. However as a fan this is the must have collection. I will eventually buy the other pieces that complete this piece. This after all is what the ultimate collector and fan should own. This is a part of that ultimate silhouette we all know and is embedded in our minds after all. The fellowship. Hide.

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final members of the team

Together the 3 sets look fantastic Read more.

Together the 3 sets look fantastic Hide.

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