Doctor Who : The Doctor and Davros

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11.4" x 12.2" x 13.8" (H x W x D)
29 cm x 31 cm x 35 cm

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This piece is from the story "Genesis of the Daleks", starring Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor.

Arriving on the planet Skaro at the very genesis of the Dalek menace, the Doctor is tasked with preventing the seemingly inevitable ascension of the armoured monsters as a conquering force in the Universe. The Doctor meets Davros, a hideously disfigured scientist confined to a mechanized chair, but nonetheless more dangerous than anyone could imagine. Though in the employ of the Kaleds, the insane genius is in fact creating the ruthlessly savage Daleks for his own reasons. The Doctor must wrestle with both Davros and his own conscience as he struggles to prevent the rise of the Time Lords' deadliest enemy.

Undergoing eight regenerations in the course of the long running Classic Series, each with their own idiosyncrasies and distinct character, there has been a Doctor for everyone. For those who grew up with Tom Baker's eccentric fourth or Jon Pertwee's dapper third, or perhaps younger fans who only knew Sylvester McCoy's gently spoken seventh Doctor, there will always be a single version with whom they most closely connect. Regardless of preference, all have known the Doctor as a friend. They have joined him in his Tardis, sharing his adventures and fighting Daleks and Cybermen at his side, if sometimes from behind the safety of a sofa.

Sculpted By Weta Workshop's Eden Small, Daniel Cockersell and David Tremont.

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Gold Collector
5 stars

Daleks and jelly baby's.

Great sculpting of the evil genious 'Davros', from his central cybernetic eye... Read more.

Great sculpting of the evil genious 'Davros', from his central cybernetic eye to his life supporting chair which would inspire his ultimate creation, the Dalek.
The 4th Doctor, Tom Baker, also has some fine detail from the trademark multi coloured scarf to his very sensible brogues. His hair seems a bit light but the rest of the painting on both figures is clean and detailed.
A 2 piece set that a few people (self included) have struggled to put together, so loses a mark for that, otherwise another iconic Dr Who collectable. Hide.

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