Special Effects Creative Powerhouse Weta Workshop Leaps into a New Cinematic Reality, Just In Time

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EARTH, July 17, 2013

After years of complex, international discussions where the fate of the Earth hung in the balance, STARDOG, WETA WORKSHOP and MAGIC LEAP, INC. are proud to announce a joint operation in the advanced field of Cinematic Reality™

Says Weta Workshop head Richard Taylor, "Together with the creative team here at Weta Workshop, we are thrilled to be working with Magic Leap, Inc. Rony and his team at Magic Leap are visionaries in this new field of ultra-sensory perception. We are very excited to be collaborating with them”.

Says Magic Leap President & CEO Rony Abovitz, “0000011111011111”. He then said, “7DF”, followed by “{ }”. After a long pause he continued, “Well, you know that they have giant CLASSIFIED and massive, sharp CLASSIFIED with huge, dripping CLASSIFIED”.

Says Dr. Grordbort's creator Greg Broadmore, "I’ve signed an NDA and I can’t tell you anything. But trust me, you’re going to need a raygun".

About Weta Workshop

Weta Workshop is a multi-award winning conceptual design and physical manufacturing facility servicing the world's entertainment and creative industries.


Contact: Magnus Hjert: magnus.hjert@wetaNZ.co.nz

About Magic Leap

Magic Leap is the developer of Cinematic Reality™, a fundamental new breakthrough in human-computer visual experience. (Magic Leap and Cinematic Reality are trademarks of Magic Leap, Inc.)


Contact: Heather Gore: heather@faction-agency.com

About Stardog

Stardog is the intellectual property development company co-owned by Weta Workshop’s Richard Taylor and Tania Rodger.


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