Dr. Grordbort's : Silk Print - Moon Maiden Mural

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Edition Size:
19.1" x 26" (H x W x D)
48.5 cm x 66 cm

This exquisite artwork by Weta designer and artist Greg Broadmore is featured in Dr Grordbort's Exceptional Exhibition as an 8ft x 6ft mural and is available exclusively to Weta customers as a limited edition fine art silk print. Set in a future that never was - in Dr Grordbort's world - where men have hair on their chest and women are gorgeous, yet frequently deadly, often scantily clad and always rather sneaky.

The Moon Maiden were discovered recently in the Grordbort Industries Archives, once thought to be lost for eternity, but re-discovered under a stack of quite explicit French postcards and a ploughman's sandwich that had seen better days.

Since discovered, the archives have shed much light over the interplanetary explorations carried out in the name of science by Grordbort Industries during the latter half of the 19th Century.

The Moon Maiden Mural is thought to have been commissioned for the reception area at the Goliathon plant, but it is uncertain whether it was completed before the Unfortunate Mishap of '85, when that factory was converted into the Lord Cockswain Brand Reclaimed Corn canning factory, due to it's proximity to the local sewerage pond.

In Venusian mythology, the Moon Maiden (Colloquial singular: Nirn 'ik; plural: Nirn 'iki 'ki) were dangerous warrior-women, portrayed as seductresses who lured nearby soldiers with their enchanting music, demure voices and rather titillating attire to go to war or to simply be a general nuisance!

Late Victorian travel writers such as Verne and HG Wells placed them on the Saturnian asteroid of Pandora, but this has been heavily disputed by contemporary scholars, who insist that Phobos is much more likely due to its naturally occurring caches of white latex.

Blamed for igniting the Likskarpkr kerfuffel in '92, the Io Controversy last October and most recently the Dutch conflict of 'Ntérescht, the Moon Maiden (were they not mythological) have a lot to answer for.

These Luscious Latexed Lovelies were said to be the daughters of the Moon Spirit, Hipi Iti, and (like the old Hipi) were usually accompanied by lesser spotted Staffordshire Pit Sniffers, their quite blind and therefore rather entertaining and unpredictable killer pets.

The Moon Maiden joins a host of strictly limited edition collectible rayguns (including one-off handpainted ones), Venusian insect specimens and two books, Dr Grordbort's Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory and VICTORY - Scientific Adventure Violence for Young Men and Literate Women.

This very collectible piece of art has been reproduced in a short run of only 50, combining ancient Chinese silk printing methods with contemporary techniques and materials by one of Shanghai's premier art galleries and Digital Graphics facilities.

The result is a beautiful print in an edition of only 50, hand signed and numbered by artist and Dr Grordbort's creator Greg Broadmore.

We highly recommend framing this print - it will make a huge impact on any environment.

Please also see our Earth's Elite Forces print.

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Experience duplicitous factsendless background drivel and astonishing testimonials concerning Rayguns and accessories in their natural habitat.



The outer dimensions of the canvas are 26in x 19.1in (660mm x 485mm) and the printed area 19.7in x 14.2in (500mm x 360mm)


Please allow 7 days for signing and numbering before your print is dispatched.

The printed artificial silk is mounted on a soft silk backing and each print wrapped in a protective enclosure, rolled up  and shipped in an over-sized and over-protective tube. They will be shipped world wide with FedEx. New Zealand orders are delivered by Post Haste Couriers.


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