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Ultra-Wave Equaliser


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Earn 4.49 Weta Dollars! What's this?

Welcome to the world of Dr. Grordbort! From the mind of Weta Workshop Senior Concept Designer and Magic Leap Game Designer Greg Broadmore comes a retro sci-fi universe of interplanetary misadventures, dextrous atomic manipulations, and rayguns…lots of rayguns.

Dimensions: 10.23" x 6.69" x 1.77" (W x H x D) 26 cm x 17 cm x 4.5 cm

Weight: 1.1 lbs (0.5 kg)

Some situations require an extra measure of magnificence to your armaments. Scode baiting, Meat Beetle melting and Secondary School education are just some examples.

Rarely, however, is a piece of wave oscillatrica put so brazenly through its paces as in the hands of an assassin.

A lone professional whose very livelihood and ultimately survival depends on the oomph and precision of his tools tends to be incredibly picky.

This brief is not taken lightly. The finest materials are chosen, a focus group of assassins assembled (in separate rooms, of course) and debriefed on their requirements. There is conceptual design. Blueprints are made. Testing. And inevitably hospitalisation. Conflagratory Overuse Syndrome is a real concern at Grordbort Industries.

The result is the Saboteur 66 - a finely balanced tool-of-the-trade for murderous bastards across the solar system.

When it comes to unique and unusual collectibles, you can't beat the uber-cool rayguns from Weta.

Michael Crawford - Quick Stop Entertainment

Equally impressive at close range as it is over distances up to 230 yards, its POW and Wheel of Fun allow the discerning man hunter to focus the Ultra-Waves in whatever manner achieves the objective. It can put a hole the size of a small ladybug in the forehead of a foreign dignitary at 200 ft or blow an obese torso clean off in close quarters. It's a beaut!

Aside from being comparatively compact, the Saboteur is also incredibly light, roughly equivalent to wielding a small partridge.

It is dispatched packaged in equally light-weight materials and should reach you at your desired destination quick-smart and at low cost.

Made from Imitation Metal, Imitation Bakelite and Imitation Tremontium*

*While arguably inimitable individually, these compounds, when fused together under Earth's atmospheric conditions, take on a density and surface texture that is vaguely approximate to something called "ABS plastic".

The Universe of Dr Grordbort's

The fictional universe that (barely) contains Dr Grordbort's Infallible Aether Oscillators is the brainchild of Weta Workshop Concept Designer Greg Broadmore. It all started as a series of drawings and acrylic paintings that Greg made. Richard Taylor and Greg conceived the idea to bring these fantastical weapons to the unsuspecting public and the first three Rayguns saw the light of day in 2007. Since then, Greg and Weta Workshop have released a cosmic cornucopia of books, artwork and rayguns both miniature and full-sized, to keep your interplanetary enemies at bay.

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