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Pre-order now for estimated delivery December 2017. A 15% non-refundable deposit is payable at time of order.

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Weta Workshop is proud to announce MINI EPICS: the brand new line of high-end vinyl collectibles, made by artists of film.

Dimensions: 3.54" x 4.64" x 2.95" (W x H x D) 9 cm x 11.8 cm x 7.5 cm

Weight: 0.21 lbs (0.096 kg)

Principal Sculptor:

Mauro Santini

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Introducing MINI EPICS by Weta Workshop: the endlessly collectible new line of stylised vinyl figures! Created by the same artists who work on our film projects.

Revealed for the first time at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, collect your EPIC set of vinyls from The Lord of the Rings. Figures in the range so far:

  • Frodo Baggins
  • Gollum
  • Gimli
  • Moria Orc
  • Uruk-hai Berserker

Digitally sculpted by 3D artist Mauro Santini (Ghost in the Shell, Warcraft), and developed by the Weta Collectibles team, MINI EPICS are high-end vinyl figures from the world of the screen - and far beyond!

Our team at Weta Workshop have dreamed about creating a line of vinyl collectibles for a very long time and so it is terrific to be able to reveal our MINI EPICS to you all at San Diego Comic-Con!

Richard Taylor - CEO & Co-founder, Weta Workshop - SDCC 2017

Moria Orcs don’t see a lot of daylight, which may explain the putrid skin tone. Pointy and annoying!

First five figures open for pre-order now. Shipping estimated December 2017. 

Collect them all!

Please note: images are of a pre-production prototype. Final product may vary.

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