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Prop Replica Jade Necklace


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Selling over 66 million copies worldwide, the critically acclaimed Tomb Raider franchise is an action adventure video game phenomenon, starring one of game culture’s most iconic characters: Lara Croft. Weta Workshop is stepping into Lara’s world, partnering with game publisher Square Enix to create incredible statues and prop replicas from Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Dimensions: 1.14" x 1.14" x 0.15" (W x H x D) 2.9 cm x 2.9 cm x 0.4 cm

Weight: 0.02 lbs (0.01 kg)

Lara Croft is always seen with her jade necklace, never leaving home without it.

Lara Croft’s jade necklace embodies her spirit of adventure, found at Lara’s first archaeological dig alongside her father.

The Necklace of Lara Croft is a prop replica of the original piece of jewellery featured in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Crafted to exacting detail, the prototype necklace was sculpted by local pounamu carver, Terence Turner, in Wellington, New Zealand. Recreated in nephrite jade, these stunning pendants are reproduced from natural stone, so variations to colour and pattern will occur.

Not content with a standard gift box, our artists have embellished a beautiful wooden puzzle box to house your necklace. Make like Lara Croft and solve the puzzle to unlock the treasure within.


Experience Lara Croft’s defining moment as she becomes the Tomb Raider. In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Lara must master a deadly jungle, overcome terrifying tombs, and persevere through her darkest hour. As she races to save the world from a Maya apocalypse, Lara will ultimately be forged into the Tomb Raider she is destined to be.

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