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Winner of seventeen Academy Awards, The Lord of the Rings was brought to the big screen by New Line Cinema and directed by Peter Jackson. Weta Workshop was intrinsically involved in the design and physical effects manufacture for all three films.

Dimensions: 1.77" x 2.55" x 0.31" (W x H x D) 4.5 cm x 6.5 cm x 0.8 cm

All the grace, beauty and elegance of the Elves, infused into one beautiful piece of jewellery.

Our line of fine jewellery has been created for collectors, fans and aficionados of The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Instantly recognisable from the films, we present the Elven Leaf Brooch.

The craftsmanship, beauty, and presentation of this item is fantastic. An absolutely beautiful and must-have piece for any Tolkien fan.

Dustin17 - Weta Collector

This fine piece of jewellery is made from Sterling Silver and green enamel and comes with a Sterling Silver chain that allows it to be worn as a pendant as well as a brooch.

It comes delicately presented in a pouch made from the same authentic Stansborough wool cloth that the cloaks presented to the Fellowship by the elves in The Lord of the Rings were made from.

The pouch measures 5.5in x 3.5in / 14cm x 8.5cm.

Click here for a detailed guide on how to care for your Sterling Silver jewellery.

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