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1:6 scale statue - Limited Edition of 360


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As huge fans of Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal (1982), Wētā Workshop is excited to dive into the world of Thra and create premium collectibles for the prequel series, streaming now on Netflix. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance tells a new story, set many years before the events of the movie. The world of Thra is dying. The Crystal of Truth has been corrupted by the evil Skeksis and sickness spreads across the land. When three Gelfling uncover the horrific truth behind the power of the Skeksis, the fires of rebellion are kindled and an epic battle for survival begins.

OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE. The Dark Crystal is a licensed trademark of The Jim Henson Company, used with permission. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance © 2019 Netflix, Inc.

JIM HENSON’s mark & logo, characters and elements are trademarks of The Jim Henson Company. All Rights Reserved.

Dimensions: 6.29" x 8.66" x 5.9" (W x H x D) 16 cm x 22 cm x 15 cm

Weight: 4.58 lbs (2.08 kg)

Principal Sculptor:

Gary Hunt

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Aughra is Thra. And Thra is Aughra.

Aughra has spent years looking to the skies. She took her eye off of Thra with the understanding that the Skeksis would maintain her world just the way she left it. But when the Skeksis began corrupting the Crystal even more by draining Gelfling, Aughra feels the brunt of that corruption physically. She is Thra. So when Thra starts to die, so does Aughra.

Tapping back into the world by relearning the Song of Thra, Aughra attempts to save the Gelfling and guides the main heroes on their paths.


  • 1:6 scale
  • High-quality polystone
  • Limited Edition, set by you
  • Pays tribute to a wizened, ram-horned, maternal oracle from The Dark Crystal
  • Depicts Aughra once she is reborn, in her intricately detailed and iconic red dress
  • Aughra seen peering through the symbol of the Great Conjunction, as she turns her eye towards stars, fate and the future
  • Special base design representing one of the three suns in the skies of Thra
  • Prototype by Wētā Workshop sculptor Gary Hunt
  • Sculpture scanned and digitally recreated in the prologue of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance


Orders for Mother Aughra were open for a strictly limited time from December 4 – 18, 2019. The edition size of 360 was determined by the total number of orders made during this period.

I wanted to pay homage to both the series & the original film by incorporating Aughra’s iconic amulet into her pose. I was over the moon that Netflix used our work in the first episode to explain how the Skeksis arrived & distracted Aughra by turning her eye to the stars.

Gary Hunt - Sculptor, Weta Workshop

Please note: images are of pre-production prototype. Each item is painted by hand and variations will occur.

Crafting Collectibles from The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance


So rich and visionary was Jim Henson’s 1982 passion project that it inspired dreamers across the creative arts, including a whole generation of film effects artists now working at Wētā Workshop. Released at a time when many of our crew were young and beginning to explore their own creative energies, The Dark Crystal was an eye-opener: it was possible to bring imaginary worlds to life, and it could be a career! For years, those of us who had fallen in love with this world hoped that someday Thra might return to our screens. Thanks to Netflix, it has, and now we have the chance to express our fandom by creating super faithful, highly detailed collectible figures and prop replicas from The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

And this is just the beginning! More Dark Crystal collectibles are coming soon.

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