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Selling over 66 million copies worldwide, the critically-acclaimed Tomb Raider franchise is an action adventure video game phenomenon, starring one of game culture’s most iconic characters: Lara Croft. Wētā Workshop is stepping into Lara’s world, partneri


1:4 scale statue - Limited Edition of 950
(W x H x L) 40.6 cm x 80 cm x 44.4 cm
Weight: 27.8 lbs (12.61 kg)
Principal Sculptor:
Gary Hunt Gary Hunt

Gary Hunt

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While running through the Lost Valley one must be swifter than a raptor, and mightier than the tyrant lizard king.


During her voyage through the Lost City of Vilcabamba, Lara found herself in a valley teeming with danger; calmness and cunning had never been so critical. With her trusty dual pistols and aerobatic flair, Lara perfected the ability to attack whilst on the go.

Of course, no one leaves the valley completely unscathed. Our latest sculpt of Lady Croft captures all the details of her dangerous adventure, including every last cut and bruise.


  • 1:4 scale;
  • Limited Edition size 950;
  • Made from high-quality polystone;
  • Sculpted by Gary Hunt;
  • The iconic level, the Lost Valley, recreated in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Lara Croft;
  • A dynamic pose, featuring two Raptors and Lara croft mid-fight;
  • Highly detailed base design


Orders for Lara Croft The Lost Valley were open for a strictly limited time, from 19 April 2021 to 3 May 2021. The final edition size was determined by the total number of orders made during this period. No more, no less.

It takes hundreds of hours to design, sculpt, model make, mold, and paint the prototype for each new Weta Workshop piece. Whether it be a prop replica, beautiful environment or iconic character, we treat our collectibles with the same level of care and attention to detail that we bring to our film work.

Please note: images are of a pre-production prototype Minor variations may occur.

Capturing a split second of action is always a challenge and Lara fighting the raptors was just that. Creating believable poses in such a confined space needed a thoughtful composition, so I looked to classical renaissance statues for inspiration.

Gary Hunt - Sculptor, Weta Workshop


In the original 2007 anniversary game, Lara Croft is represented as a simplified version of the heroine we know her as today. Wētā Workshop 3D artist, Gary Hunt, was charged with re-interpreting the original 3D game model from Crystal Dynamics - adding realism and expression through detailed design.

Paying homage to the 25th anniversary of Lara Croft, she is depicted here in a dynamic pose, which captures the physical and emotional tension of her iconic fight against dinosaurs in The Lost Valley.


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  1. Lacking paint quality
    Overall the statue is impressive, it\'s a beautiful sculpt and a structural marvel. The raptors are the highlight of the piece which is cool......but also the problem.
    Unfortunately the statue is let down by disappointing paint work particularly around Lara\'s face. It\'s very basic looking. So much so that I had to touch it up myself with better tones and shading in some areas.
    I have figurines and statues of Lara that have much better factory paintwork at a fraction of the price.
    For a statue at this price point, you really should expect perfection but this isn\'t, sadly.

    Review by

  2. Disappointed :\'( but beautiful statue
    Disappointed with transport and packaging, a dinosaur arrived broken, I also have a trace of paint on Lara\'s forehead, for a statue at this price, I expected higher quality...
    I hope that Weta will offer me something to \"compensate\" for these faults, (mail sent but 15 days delay for an answer... ouch ouch...) and I would be happy to modify my opinion
    That said, overall, it\'s still a great piece to have in your collection.

    Review by

  3. Great, highly detailed statue....however.
    Firstly let me be clear the statue is amazing, the design is great and the quality is awesome, no doubt about that at all, super detailed, definitely on the larger size, so you\'ll feel like you\'ve got the quality for your money....but it seems there must of been some issue in the making of it, because - like someone else mentioned to theirs - a couple of the dinosaurs frills on it\'s arm is broken off, a clean break, but no pieces fallen off in the box (which is odd if it happened in transit) almost as if it was shipped broken to begin with, given the money you pay for these products + shipping + customs, you expect everything to be on point, I can\'t even fix it as nothing was in the box to be reattached (just even more odd someone else had this issue too, a design flaw maybe?)

    Aside from that, it\'s wonderful, love it, just wish it had managed to be 100% perfect.

    Review by

  4. Wowza!
    Wow I had no idea this statue would be so ginormous! She is a bit larger than I expected I think I read the size wrong. But Lara Croft looks amazing. The dinosaurs are awesome. My only sadness is one of the raptors frills had snapped off during shipment. An easy fix but otherwise a perfect statue! Very solid and a huge centerpiece to any collections.

    Review by

  5. Obra maestra!
    Me parece una auténtica maravilla... Qué ganas tengo de exponerla en mi salita privada.

    Review by

  6. Excited
    Really excited to receive this statue. I put off getting the precious one as I felt it was over indulgent to spend that kind of money, however looking at the craftsmanship that goes into them and the detail. I had to snap this one up.
    The action captured is just astounding.

    Review by

  7. The Most Epic Lara Statue Ever!
    Very excited to get this! The detail... the pose....the paint.... what a work of art!!

    Review by

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