Winner of seventeen Academy Awards, The Lord of the Rings was brought to the big screen by New Line Cinema and directed by Peter Jackson. Weta Workshop was intrinsically involved in the design and physical effects manufacture for all three films.


1:6 scale statue - Limited Edition of 750
(W x H x L) 40 cm x 53 cm x 22 cm
Weight: 19.29 lbs (8.75 kg)
Principal Sculptor:
Jane Wenley Jane Wenley

Jane Wenley

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Nephew of ailing King Théoden of Rohan and captain of the Mark, Éomer was as loyal to his liege as the truest Rohirrim, but for questioning the orders of Gríma Wormtongue, the horse lord was banished. Taking his Éored, he rode from Edoras to make private war upon the Orcs that had invaded their realm, even as Théoden turned a blind eye.

In truth the fallen Wizard Saruman had gained influence over Rohan’s king by sorcery. Upon the return of Gandalf Théoden was freed of Saruman’s grip, but not before much of his country had been usurped or put to flame. As Saruman’s legions marched upon them, the Rohirrim fled to the fortress of Helm’s Deep to mount a last stand against the Wizard’s hordes. Outnumbered and outmatched, the few defenders held as long as they could, but defeat loomed.

Then suddenly, as the first rays of sunlight crested the rise to the east, a great host of riders appeared, their spears gleaming in the radiance of the dawn. Led by Eomer upon his brave horse Firefoot, the Riders of Rohan streamed headlong down the scree slope, voices united in a mighty yell and swords held aloft. Like the coming of the tide they swept over the army of Isengard, saving their king, his people, and their realm.


Adding to its high-end The Lord of the Rings line, Weta Workshop is proud to present Eomer on Firefoot. Features include:

  • Crafted from high-quality polystone;
  • 1:6 scale;
  • Limited Edition of 750;
  • Sculpted by Weta Workshop sculptors Jane Wenley, Brigitte Wuest and Paul van Ommen.

Choosing a sculpting medium is much like choosing the right club in golf. It's a very personal choice. Sculpting collectibles, though, is not a game of golf - it is a marathon.

Weta Workshop: Celebrating 20 Years of Creativity


From patterned leather plates, woven fabrics, and elaborate helm, to the full spectrum of buckles, belts, straps, sheaths, gloves, and all manner of things unseen, Éomer’s armour posed a complex challenge for the Weta Workshop crew: none more so than chainmaille.

Worn by the riders of the Rohirrim and most other Tolkien races, real steel chainmaille would not be feasible for the trilogy’s many vigorous action sequences.  Departing from the industry standard of the time (knitted cotton thread), a process was developed using plastic rings to create a light, photo-realistic maille. Sliced from alkathene pipe, these rings were linked together, heat welded, and coated in a very fine layer of metal: an astonishing 12.5 million rings in total.

To capture all this fine, intricate detail in 1:6 scale polystone – from the effect of burnished chainmaille and richly aged leather, to sword, steed and stance – Weta Workshop sculptors Jane Wenley and Brigitte Wuest worked in clay, using traditional techniques to develop the figure’s pose and expression. The result is Éomer on Firefoot, frozen in time in this most highly charged of moments from The Two Towers; as if lit from within by the fire of his singular, noble purpose.

Daniel Falconer discusses the auction lots.

Please note: this product was designed and prototyped here in the Workshop. Images show a pre-production prototype. Each statue is painted by hand and slight variations will occur.

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  1. Great Statue!
    I never thought that this statue with this unusual pose would inspire me so. An exception statue. Good made Weta

    Review by

  2. Everything I wantes and more
    Everything about this piece is a Masterwork! Even down to the very ground fire for his running on. They captured one of the best scenes in the movies and immortalized it in 1/6 scale. I hope to see more from the Rohirrim and soon!

    Review by

  3. WOW!
    Bought this as an impulse buy as the pictures spoke 1000 words but seeing it in the flesh, the artistry and dedication to every nook and cranny makes this peice really stand out! A must have for ny collector!

    Review by

  4. Renders You Speechless
    I purchased this piece, along with Haldir, as a Christmas gift to my boyfriend. We were both mesmerized and impressed, once again, by the craftsmanship and detail of each. Weta has done it, once again, delivering outstanding quality and capturing a true likeness of two beloved characters we\'ve been itching to have. I must especially take the time to commend the incredible masterpiece that is Eomer and his steed. This is definitely a piece to witness and admire in-person because the amount of detail and precision that went into it renders you speechless. Jane Wenley and Brigitte Wuest (who I\'m positive sculpted Firefoot) are a dynamic duo and force to be reckoned with on this collaboration.

    Review by

  5. mild interest turns to love!
    As a character love Eomer - but doubt I would have immediately set out to acquire this piece right after acquiring Thranduil on a limited budget. But, I have the exquisite Eowyn, and Eomer is a rider statue, so a bit reluctantly ordered.

    WETA typically does a stellar job re paint and sculpt (or, at need, I have asked for replacements). And IMO some pieces like Thror, Thorin/throne, even some hobbit holes have paint that is staggeringly good (alas, Thranduil is pretty good, but not as good as Thror, say plus he arrived scratched). Eomer tho - with a combination of mind-blowing elaborate details, superb sculpt of both horse and rider, and as far as I can tell insanely perfect paint vaulted himself into being a favorite of mine. He\'s just - perfection. As is Firefoot. So many subtle layers and speckling on Firefoot, beautifully painted eyes. The neatly done detailing on Eomer - no sloppiness; subtle metallics, sword and sheathe are metal - even Eomer\'s open mouth and teeth are flawless.

    I did have a mismatched, too short rein set. Rather startling on a piece this excellent. However, WETA CS came through for me as they always have via some e-mails. This piece DESERVES to have every component perfect. I even like the base more than I thought, as in person it is wider and even the sandy dirt looks real. Plus, it is heavy and stable, well able to support horse and rider. My one other mild quibble is that I wish Firefoot had more than one foot peg, tho he slots well into the base and is stable. I just would like another foot peg.

    It\'s rare I acquire a piece so outstanding I wouldn\'t mind having a second one. Just because. IMO this piece is WETA at its very finest. And it\'s nice to purchase something that isn\'t inexpensive but you can be inches from the piece and just feel complete amazement. This is a gorgeous, gorgeous work full of detail and movement. Highest recommendation for Eomer and Firefoot and real kudos to the sculptor and WETA for this one.

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  6. The Prodigal Returns!
    Firstly I would like to say I actually own this piece and have it proudly displayed at home.

    Next the piece itself:
    Initial photos showed a very bold if not odd looking action pose. A rider coming down a cutaway slope? It will never display well!

    Well it does! The whole thing in hand works brilliantly. The way Eomer is leaning back in the saddle and Firefoot is focused on his decent down this larger than it looks slope just works.

    The detailing on Eomer is beautiful. Everywhere you look on this Marshal of Rohan there is fine, intricate detailing. Even down to the stirrups and reigns. And as for the face. Well it is definitely an enraged Karl Urban as Eomer about to start cracking some Orc/Uruk skulls!

    Firefoot along with his master is gloriously sculpted and finely painted. He fits snuggly on to the base and is securely pinned to hold.
    Issues: Very minor. Several folk (self included) have had issue fitting the reigns as they have been too tight/short. A solution has been offered whereby you simply need to gently heat the reigns in order for them too stretch back to original length as apparently the material is prone to shrink a bit. The scabbard fitting also has a slight difficulty if you are not aware that there is an opening in the ornate head of the scabbard which is attached to Eomers belt into which the body of the scabbard will go before locking in place. There is also a tassle on the scabbard which also connects into the fixed belt.

    Minor issues on a stunning piece. Buy with confidence!

    Review by

  7. One of my favorite pieces!!!
    I\'m so glad I took the time to suggest this piece among a couple others I see you guys are making!!! This one is INCREDIBLE along with the Rohan Royal Guard and the Treebeard statue coming out. I would have loved Gamling too, but as a portrait sculptor, for me the likeness isn\'t there enough for me to add him to the collection, which I was very dissapointed about because I love the rest of him so much.

    But regardless, thank you guys so much over the years for the INCREDIBLE WORK that you do-- you are a huge reason why I pursused a professional career in sculpture, myself, and I still enjoy your work as much as the day I first discovered it as a teenager all those years ago.

    Thank you again, and I look forward to collecting a few more stellar pieces.

    P.S. As another suggestion for new statues- the Goblin King [and his little minion] from the Hobbit would be fun, perhaps a Gondorian Guard of the White Tree would be a great companion to the Rohan Royal Guard, a new Dain Ironfoot statue would be cool as well [one dismounted in combat with his helmet removed, for those of us who missed him on the boar.]

    But anyway, thank you guys again! I can\'t wait to own Eomer

    Review by

  8. Potential for brilliance turns out to very ordinary!
    This is not your greatest effort sorry Weta. The base looks more like a stiletto heel (how very naff and tacky) and whilst Eomer looks quite animated, the horse\'s face looks like its half asleep on a leisurely stroll, rather than how it should be with nostrils flaring charging full tilt down a hillside!

    Review by

  9. ÉOMER ON FIREFOOT is incredible! There is so much exquisite detail and imagery! There is a lot of energy pulsating from these two figures! Bravo! (Just wish I could afford it.)

    Review by

  10. why so biased
    why is weta making figures of characters played by New Zealand actors only (Isildur, Haldir, Lurtz, Eomer) who were just in supporting roles. Please make a master collective of Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli.

    Review by

  11. Horse-master
    To the King!
    Great stuff.

    Review by

    This piece looks amazing! I was so excited to see Haldir and now this! The pose is fantastic and I am looking forward to adding this to my collection. Great job WETA!

    Review by

  13. Great companion piece
    This is an awesome looking piece a little pricey, but a great companion piece to Gandalf on Shadowfax.

    Review by

  14. Yes! I have waited for this one, It looks awesome! well done Weta!

    Review by

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