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Wingnut Wings, a Peter Jackson-owned company, is renowned worldwide for its incredibly accurate, 1:32 scale model kitsets of World War One aircraft. Designed and researched by the passionate professionals at Wingnut Wings, their quality and attention to detail is unparalleled.

Wingnut Wings offer a selection of sprues and decals to assist with the construction of your Wingnut Wings 1:32 scale model kitset.

You can find more information on this item at the Wingnut Wings website.

For someone like me who grew up making WWI models, Wingnut Wings is really a dream company. We’re just a bunch of like-minded people who have been lucky enough to take their hobby to another level.

Peter Jackson

Additionally, if you break or lose a part and need to buy additional items from a kitset to complete your model, we can help. Please contact with the sprue/item code number from the back of your Wingnut Wings instruction booklet.

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