Rivendell - 24,000 tiles and counting

It's time for another update on Weta's upcoming Rivendell environment from The Lord Of The Rings. We have previously published updates from the artists, designer Daniel Falconer and model maker David Tremont.

While we're making our way through the final sign-offs and the setup at the factory, a few of the crew were sitting around thinking it might be a good idea to figure out exactly what's gone into the making of this amazing miniature.

So, today we spent some time in David Tremont's workshop actually counting the bits. And even after 30 minutes just staring at the piece, we're fairly certain we haven't seen it all. Every time you look there's something new to discover.

It's an incredible body of work, I'm sure you agree:


  • 6 bridges and suspended walkways
  • 9 towers and turrets
  • 16 larger columns holding up suspended walkways
  • 75 trees
  • 94 pillars of about 3/8 in (9mm)
  • 283 shrubs
  • 963 (-ish) steps spread over about 80 individual staircases
  • 2,350 (approx) individual bricks


And if the roof tiles were individual too (as it is, they were made as larger sections) there would be over 24,000 of them.

All created by 14 sculptors, model makers, mold makers, designers and 3D modellers.

All of whom are very proud of the outcome and hope to be able to show it to you soon.




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Great and amazing... but price?

I wonder what would be the estimate cost of this HUGE environment,... Read more.

I wonder what would be the estimate cost of this HUGE environment, would be nice to have a glimpse in advance to be able to be prepared, would be a pity to renounce to such a nice art work!!!! Hide.

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