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Two years ago a new spectacular was added to the Wellington events calendar. Already the creative (as well as administrative) capital of New Zealand, this event was embraced with open arms by an ever-hungry audience.

Project Born bridged a gap between several genres of audio-visual arts and combined a high end visual stage show full of acrobatics, theatrics, body painting and costume with a lingerie show.

And it's all in support of the Neonatal Trust of New Zealand.

"My wife Tania and I are patrons of The Neonatal Trust and it's surprisingly difficult to fundraise for as it's an unseen challenge to most people. But 1 in 10 children are born into a situation that requires some form of neonatal care", says Richard.

"So this pushes us to find original ways to raise money and awareness for this vital trust."

So, in 2010 Project Born was conceived.

For all your senses

The audiences that attended had every one of their senses stimulated over two hours and left thoroughly entertained and with a feeling they'd witnessed something completely fresh.

"This year we have over 60 performers, almost twice as many as last time and we have extended the number of acts in the show. All the music bar a couple of pieces will be original compositions donated specifically for Project Born by local singers and songwriters around Wellington", Richard adds.

Everyone gives up their time for free - months of rehearsals, fittings, testing, set construction, prop building and decoration and everything else that goes into setting up a show with a cast of 60 over three nights. And to the creative standards of Richard Taylor and Weta Workshop. The inaugural event in 2010 was absolutely spectacular - this year promises to be even more so.

"It's a huge outpouring of generosity and dedication by a unique group of young Wellingtonians as they bring to bear on this fundraising charity what they can offer through their talent, their creativity, their passion and their endeavour to make a difference in our society." Richard adds.

A BIG production

Well over 250 people are involved in staging the event over three nights. 65 performers, over 30 Weta Workshop technicians, 30 people working on the production side and on the night over 65 make-up artists plus many others will ensure the show goes off with a bang.

The show is even at a bigger and better venue this time.

"The Wellington Portrait Gallery have kindly donated their venue for pre-production and for the three nights of the show and this gives us an incredible space into which we can design and construct the show", Richard concludes.


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