Dr. Grordbort's : Pomson 6000 Sub Atomic Wave Gun

$3,990.00 USD
Edition Size:
11.8" x 35.4" x 5.9" (H x W x D)
30 cm x 90 cm x 15 cm

Edition #      1    US$6,990
Edition #   2-9    US$4,990
Edition # 10-50   US$3,990

The Pomson 6000 has been described thus:

Blasting out rapid-succession pulses of cross-spectrum electromagnetic radiation, the Pomson has been shown to dissolve an Egyptian pyramid in four archeologically educational weeks or one of the smaller, slightly crappier Mayan ones in just under a fortnight. Imagine what it could do to that big ugly Mars face! On a more practical level, however, the Pomson has proven to be a highly flexible yet powerful firearm and purchasers are sure to wake up each morning with morning wood at the mere thought of owning one. That could also be a tumourous growth caused by unshielded radiation, but you can't sue us for that because it's in the contract. Sod off."

Among other uses, the Pomson 6000 is standard issue for Earth's Elite Forces and other cutting edge units. Its compact measurements and 12 millisecond recharge cycle makes it a valued companion in close quarters. Like underground trains or Venusian cave systems.

The Pomson 6000 has undergone decades of product development and field testing to ensure only the best is put in the hands of the E.E.F.. And of you, dear patron.

This fabulous rifle uses the very same Venusian Worm Oak** that the Unnatural Selector stock is made of. This material, originally discovered by Cossack field biologist Prof Yuri Thainresinskij, has proven itself all but indestructible in battle and able to withstand continuous wave oscillation for extended periods of time without so much as a shudder!

Despite this reassuring track record, 20-odd particularly shiny details on the gun are made from cutting-edge metals such as pewter and Tremontium.

The Edition Number of your choice will be painted onto the main body of the gun in very subtle fashion.

And we shall also force upon the buyers of Edition numbers 1-9 a signed print by Greg Broadmore - an Earth's Elite Forces silk print.

The gun comes in the following vibrant colorations: 

  • Cardinal Red (For sinners in all walks of life) 
  • Piano Black (Earth Elite Forces Standard Issue - and puts hair on your chest*) 
  • Copper Six-pence (Has Anti-magnetic advantages) 
  • Deco Turquoise (Because it's a very pretty colour) 
  • Bumblebee Yellow (Because the world is full of eccentric gun-toting hippies)

Strictly limited to an edition size of 50 worldwide

  • 100% designed and crafted at multi Academy Award winning Weta Workshop in New Zealand
  • Built from urethane resin, with some parts made of metal.
  • Articulated triggers, levers and switches
  • Custom built stand - suitable for displaying on your mantelpiece, or hanging on the wall
  • Certificate of Authenticity signed by Creator Greg Broadmore and Weta Workshop Creative Director Richard Taylor
  • Edition numbers #1-9 also receive a signed limited edition art print by Greg Broadmore

* Despite being a distinctly plausible side-effect, no warranties extended for actual hair growth. It's a turn of phrase, fool!

** As you may be aware, under Earth's atmospheric pressure, Venusian Worm Oak is virtually indistinguishable from Urethane Resin.

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this gun is absolutely stunning it is made out of metal and... Read more.

this gun is absolutely stunning it is made out of metal and personaly it looks best in piano black this gun is made like a raygun but without the ammo 10 out of 10 for sure Hide.

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Weta Collector
5 stars


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