The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey : Orcrist Pendant - Sterling Silver

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2.4" x 0.4" x 0.1" (H x W x D)
6 cm x 1 cm x 3 mm

Forged long ago in the lost Elf kingdom of Gondolin, Orcrist, the ‘goblin cleaver’, was a legendary blade, well known to the wise of Middle-earth and infamous among their enemies.

Having disappeared for centuries, the sword would reappear in, of all places, a Troll hoard, where, among the detritus and ruin, it catches the eye of Thorin Oakenshield. To the Dwarf, well versed in the crafting of fine weapons, it is a sword of peerless craft, but it is Elrond, lord and lore-master of Rivendell, who is able to name the blade and tell Thorin of its prestigious lineage.

No finer sword could a king of any race wish for.

The Orcrist Pendant is a miniature of Thorin Oakenshield's sword Orcrist, that Senior Weta designer Paul Tobin designed and Master Swordsmith Peter Lyon made for the movie.

Made from polished Sterling Silver, this piece is both a stunning miniature prop replica and gorgeous piece of jewellery.

The Orcrist Pendant comes in a beautiful gift box made from natural Cherry timber.

The inside bottom of the box is lined with burgundy velvet and has a pin for the pendant to hang off.

Like anything made from natural timber, variations in grain and colour will occur and the colour may also change over time. This is an entirely natural process.

Please note, this is a pendant only.

We can offer separately a Sterling Silver chain - it is the same 25 inch (65 cm) long chain upon which Frodo Baggins carried the One Ring in The Lord of the Rings. Designed by Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith, this chain, with its unique S-shaped clasp is an exact replica of the chain that features in the close-up shots in the movies.

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Each item in our new series of jewellery is made in small numbers, so order as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.

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  • Orcrist Pendant - Sterling Silver

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I received him this morning at my home and I am not... Read more.

I received him this morning at my home and I am not disappointed it is really a very beautiful pendant, the slightest details are beautiful has to see weta really made some beautiful work! Hide.

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