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Let your fan flag fly with Figures of Fandom: iconic characters from the hottest in pop culture. Made from high-quality PVC and standing at approximately 9” tall, each character is faithfully rendered from licensed 3D assets and comes complete with a stylised environmental base.


Figures of Fandom
(W x H x L) 19.5 cm x 31 cm x 19.5 cm
Weight: 2.48 lbs (1.125 kg)
Principal Sculptor:

Enter the most terrible of the Dark Lord’s cruel servants! Rising among the fighting soldiers, only the White Wizard is an adequate foe for the Witch-king, Lord of the Nazgûl. For greater even than the dread of his spiked weapon is the terror that goes before him, chilling the blood of men.

From the certified cool-stuff addicts at Weta Workshop comes Figures of Fandom: a new generation of collectibles featuring iconic characters from film, television, and gaming! New in the mix: iconic characters from The Lord of the Rings.


  • By fans, for fans
  • 12.2" tall;
  • Made from high-quality PVC;
  • Paired with his giant flail and flaming sword;
  • Translucent environmental flames.


We’ve designed the Witch-King of Angmar as a companion piece to Gandalf the White. Get your hands on your favourite figure or collect them both to recreate the clash at Minas Tirith; seen in the Extended Edition of The Return of the King.

All of us here at Weta Workshop are first and foremost mega-fans – and we’re always looking for new ways to express that passion through collectibles! Our Figures of Fandom are a celebration of all that we love about the worlds of film, television, and gaming, and we’re incredibly excited to share these terrific collectibles with you all.

Richard Taylor - Co-founder & Creative Director, Weta Workshop


Artistry. Passion. Pure unadulterated pop culture. In 2019, Weta Workshop introduced its next generation of collectibles with Figures of Fandom! Made from high-quality PVC and standing at approximately 1:8 scale, each character is faithfully rendered from licensed 3D assets and comes complete with a stylised environmental base.

Iconic characters from Borderlands 3 and Apex Legends kickstarted the range. But we couldn’t stop there, of course - our fandom sparks from the worlds of film, TV and gaming! We’ve welcomed fan-favourite properties into our Figures of Fandom. From enduring classics like The Lord of the Rings to action-packed anime worlds Death Note, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach and One Punch Man.

These are collectibles made by fans, for fans. Clear space on your shelf and let your fan flag fly.

Please note: images are of a pre-production prototype. Minor variations may occur.



When Frodo agreed to take the One Ring to Mordor, little did he know what was to ensue across three epic tomes and subsequent film trilogy. The Lord of the Rings is an epic tale of loyalty, friendship, and sacrifice; a global phenomenon that really, now we think of it, needs no introduction. We’ll leave it there, then.


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  1. The Witch King looks amazing!
    This was first ever purchase from Weta and I couldn't be happier, it looks amazing! From the detail of the cloth to the armor, everything looks fantastic!

    Review by

  2. Awesome!
    Excellent piece overall , great value for a reasonable price. Sculpt and paint job is marvellous, just like a
    polystone statue . Only part which could have been executed better, is the flames on the base (e.g. making it optional like for the sword, or adding LEDs )

    Review by

  3. AMAZING, Absolutely stunning
    I love this statue, the detail is amazing, and he stands out on my shelf alongside many other high quality statues. My only grip comes from the delay. I am aware COVID disrupted things, but I pre-ordered mine in 2020, and I only got it yesterday. Even once I was notified it was shipped, it sat in a warehouse in New Zealand for almost a month, all while my credit card had been charged. For some reason it was also sent to the United States first, and then on to Canada, which meant I had to deal with trying to arrange for a delivery through the USPS, who apparently gave it to Canada Post, but made no mention of doing so.

    Review by

  4. Witch-king of Angmar: Figures of Fandom
    I received my Witch-king figure yesterday afternoon and it\'s everything I hoped it would be. Top-notch design, nicely detailed, and impressive to look at. Didn\'t expect anything less from Weta.

    The only thing I feel I should comment on is the shipping process. Having waited a year and a half between pre-ordering this piece and having it ready to be shipped (which was unfortunate, but more or less expected), it took an additional 2+ months between being notified that my order was ready for shipping (plus my credit card being charged) and it finally making its way home. I realize that any issues related to shipping are probably out of your control, and appreciate the help I was given by you along the way, but I thought it should be known that the shipping method use for my piece was not terribly efficient.

    Thank you anyhow, and I\'m glad that the Lord of the Nazgûl has finally landed home.

    Review by

  5. Witch-King of Angmar FOF
    Very pleased with this purchase. Good details and cool design. Cant wait to display it with my others. Thank you again Weta!

    Review by

  6. Witch King Of Angmar
    Love the detail! So happy to have him! Some thinner parts are slightly bendy so just be careful, but it overall holds together really well! He’s going right on the top shelf!! Thanks Weta!

    Review by

  7. Witch-King Figure Of Fandom
    Just received this statue and am totally blown away. It’s somehow even more detailed and dynamic than i expected from the photos. Such an incredible sense of movement in the sculpt. I can’t wait to see more of these! Thanks Weta!

    Review by

  8. Witch-King of Angmar
    Finally got my FoF of the Witch-King. Really impressed with the level of detail given this is not a polystone figure. The figure is a nice size, plenty detailed, and looks great along with my other Weta collectibles.

    Review by

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