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Mini Epics pay homage to your favourite characters, distilling their unique personalities into stylised vinyl figures worthy of your shelf.


Vinyl figure – Limited Edition of 3,000
3.38" x 4.29" x 4.13" (W x H x D) 8.6 cm x 10.9 cm x 10.5 cm
Weight: 0.22 lbs (0.1 kg)
Principal Sculptor:
Mauro Santini Mauro Santini

Mauro Santini

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Nearing the end of his journey, this Mini Epic will need to muster up all his courage as he attempts to escape the deadly webs of Shelob™.

In the face of great danger, outnumbered, and against all odds, Frodo proves that even the most insurmountable of journeys can be accomplished with enough persistence and a faithful friend at your side.



  • Premium, stylised vinyl figure;
  • Clothes weathered, weary, and covered in webs;
  • Armed with his Elven blade Sting;
  • Clutching a luminous phial, gifted by the Lady Galadriel™;
  • Sculpted by Wētā Workshop’s Mini Epics Art Director, Mauro Santini.

MINI EPICS let us breathe new life into much-loved characters… then give them an unexpected twist! They are a sculptor’s dream.

Mauro Santini – Mini Epics Art Director, Wētā Workshop

Mini Epics: Frodo Baggins™ is just the beginning, explore the range and add to your collection.

Please note: Images are of a pre-production prototype. Some variations will occur.

MINI EPICS: Rockstar Eddie Size Guide


This cast of characters comes from one simple question: How can we surround ourselves with more epic moments?

It’s a good thing that as fellow story lovers, we know exactly what it takes to create a memorable character. We’ve brought our decades of film experience to a range of uniquely stylised figures, maximising on personality, without compromising on details.

The result? One epic piece of collectible art distilled into a high-quality vinyl.


Ready. Set. Collect.

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  1. Great, you can trust it.
    Ok, I don't often write reviews on products online, but regarding the one single other review here, I felt I had to address it. About the web, it looks amazing, yes, just like in the photos, but even better because it's unique, there's enough for two or even three tries so you can get it right, and I did it in my first try. How?
    There's a tutorial in a weta page. Kinda hidden, it isn't listed in youtube, I found it while searching (a lot) for videos of this collectible. Following the tutorial was super easy, such a breeze, too bad the video is not listed here in the product page.
    I'm not sure I can post the link here, but you can try googling "weta mini frodo shelob", it should do the trick.

    But believe me, it's an amazing piece.

    Review by

  2. Separate Web
    Beware before buying this mini epics Frodo. The web which surrounds Frodo in the picture is separatly packed in the box. You are suppose to drape it around Frodo yourself which is almost impossible to do since the web almost completley disintegrates upon taking it out of the plastic sleeve. You end up with pieces of web which you have to place around Frodo which will definitely NOT look like the photos you see on the box it comes in or in this listing. I have bought dozens of mini epics which have been nothing but excellent products but this is one is a major letdown!

    Review by

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