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Welcome to the world of Dr. Grordbort! From the mind of Weta Workshop Senior Concept Designer and Magic Leap Game Designer Greg Broadmore comes a retro sci-fi universe of interplanetary misadventures, dextrous atomic manipulations, and rayguns…lots of ray

PEARCE 75 - Miniature Version

Limited Edition of 1000
(W x H x L) 6 cm x 6 cm x 2.5 cm
Weight: 0 lbs (0 kg)

"Shiny!" was our test panel's first reaction to the Pearce 75 Atom Ray Gun. And equally shiny is its minisculized counterpart.

It is unique in that it has been miniaturised from a prototype. This is risky business, but who are we to argue with the scientists??

At one quarter of its original scale, this finely detailed piece captures all the elaborate detail of its full scale counterpart and, like those larger guns, is made from metal.

When it comes to unique and unusual collectibles, you can't beat the uber-cool rayguns from Weta.

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The Universe of Dr Grordbort's

The fictional universe that (barely) contains Dr Grordbort's Infallible Aether Oscillators is the brainchild of Weta Workshop Concept Designer Greg Broadmore. It all started as a series of drawings and acrylic paintings that Greg made. Richard Taylor and Greg conceived the idea to bring these fantastical weapons to the unsuspecting public and the first three Rayguns saw the light of day in 2007. Since then, Greg and Weta Workshop have released a cosmic cornucopia of books, artwork and rayguns both miniature and full-sized, to keep your interplanetary enemies at bay.

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  1. Amazing!
    Perfect in every sense and detail: quality of finish, weight, feel, colouration. You want it. I want the big brother....


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  2. I have seen the future - and it is called Pearce 75!
    Upon first seeing the sleek, ultra modernist design of the Pearce, my first thoughts were that the Product Development shed at Grordbort Industries must have paid a visit to Dr H G Wells and borrowed his time machine to see what will be the state-of-the-art in Ray weaponry in the 1930's. I must confess that my first impressions of the new-fangled Pearce were lukewarm, but now I have cradled and caressed the mini in my sweaty palms, I love the design. So much so, that I have added the full sized piece of ray weaponry to my wish list.

    As fitting with its sleek, fish-like form, it has no valves or phlogiston canisters, but nevertheless is bedecked with a plethora of tubes, knobs, switches, prongs, rivets and a dial, and beautifully replicates all of the detail of the full size, to judge by the images I have seen of it. The metal tubing is particularly joyous on this mini, all being added to the body and not moulded on, and it feels surprisingly sturdy. It even fully mirrors all the kinks and wobbles seen in the full size gun. The red paint has been carefully applied on my sample, and even the "backwards B" 75 inscription can be read on the handle.

    As befits such a new weapon, it has none of the "heirloom" patches of rust that inevitably gather on the other weapons after periods of use in the field. Also the stand looks nice and new, in a fetching gun-metal grey.

    My only real quibbles are that some of the darker paint has been applied so thickly it nearly hides some of the detail such as rivets, and that the gun is not as shiny as I was expecting, and is certainly darker in hue than indicated in the images of both the mini and the full size Pearce.

    It functions as a fine miniature ray weapon, allowing a tightly focused beam of energy perfect for vapourising the tiny brain of a Blue Sacked Pillock, with out losing any of the legs or puncturing the precious sack. Obviously the new technology makes for a precision instrument, more of a scalpel compared to the mallet that is the mini Goliathon or the cut throat razor (dangerous to the wielder!) that is the mini F.M.O.M.

    Well worth getting - so good in fact that it may induce me to purchase a full size Pearce in the future.

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