The Lord Of The Rings : "No Admittance" Bookends

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Returning to Hobbiton after an absence of many long years, Gandalf quickly sought out Bag End, the home of his old and dear friend Bilbo Baggins. It was the morning of Bilbo's One Hundred and Eleventh birthday, and a party of special magnificence was planned for that night. The old Hobbit had been plagued by the incessant attentions of unwanted visitors, well wishers and distant relations, prompting him to hang out a sign upon his front gate warning, "No admittance except on party business".

It was in this grumpy state of mind that Bilbo stomped to the door to answer Gandalf's knock, completely unprepared for the joyous reunion that awaited him.

These unique collectibles have been hand cast in heavy weight polystone and hand painted to the highest standards.


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  • No Admittance Bookends

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I have added many pieces since this one. But it has always... Read more.

I have added many pieces since this one. But it has always been my absolute favourite. It's perfect. It's been the centre of my collection for years and years to come. Hide.

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