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The news that we are to be modelled by the best of Weta for a special Bag End environment has brought huge excitement. We look forward to providing Daniel and the team any help they need in completing what promises to be a special collectors item.

Until next time... Namárië

Here's the first in a series of updates from Weta's good friend Ian Brodie and the Team at Hobbiton Movie Set and Farm Tours:

16th November 2009

November is one of the most magical times at the Hobbiton Movie Set. The promise of summer beckons as the trees and hedgerows burst with delight at the warmth of the spring sun on their branches. The swallows have returned and can be seen darting through the hedges in search of the many small insects that are also flourishing.

The grass seems particularly green this year after a wetter than usual early spring - but this is good news as our hobbit holes are sporting an exceptionally fine display of growth. The small pond at the foot of Bagshot Row has a new colony of frogs that can be heard proclaiming their territory very loudly to all our visitors and the lambs are just gamboling everywhere as they too enjoy the luscious green tips of grass.

We are excited that the farm will once again be transformed into Hobbiton, this time for the upcoming production of The Hobbit. We love the property and are once again thrilled that our farm can play a part in these wonderful movies. What is also exciting is our ability to operate our tours of the Hobbiton Movie Set throughout the restoration period. It is a wonderful opportunity to visit us and see the work being undertaken. The end of the tour also allows for a second breakfast at The Shires Rest Café and Function Centre!

The summer season also signals the return of cruise ships to our local port in Tauranga. Many inquisitive humans will again cross the Kaimai Ranges to visit The Shire. Last weekend saw the completion of another very successful "Locals Day" for the people of Matamata. An annual event - it allows our local friends and family to visit and reacquaint themselves with the happenings of hobbits. By the end of the day over 700 people had visited the set and many decided to stay on afterwards for a typical Hobbits meal at The Shires Rest Café.


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