Meet Claire Prebble - jewellery and costume designer

Claire Prebble is one of the many people currently working in Weta's costume department, hard at work on creating movie magic.

But when Claire is not here, she's busy creating her own very special brand of magic and taking her personal jewellery and costume designs global. Her jewellery designs have recently adorned Kate Moss's hands in a photo shoot for British Love magazine. And the next request has just come in from Vogue Italia.

Claire has been at Weta for five years, on and off, making costumes for movies like Prince Caspian and for Avatar, where she spent over two years constructing Na'vi costumes, weapons and accessories with designers John Harding and Deborah Scott.

World of Wearable Art - Wow

In 2004, at the age of 18, she was the youngest ever winner of the Supreme Award at the World of Wearable Art, for her creation 'Eos'.

For the money she won, she did a worldwide string of internships, including couture houses Arushi in Dubai and Alexander McQueen in London.

She's also had interest from Furne Amato in Dubai who designs costumes for Katy Perry.

For now, we here at Weta are very grateful to have Claire making costumes for our projects, but have no doubt her obvious design talents and skills will take her far in the world of fashion, costume and jewellery design. 

"Working at Weta Workshop is a dream come true for me. One of the best parts about being here is the wonderfully talented team of people I get to work with." she says.

Read more about Claire and see some of her fantastic work on her website:



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