Lindsey Crummett

Lindsey has always had many passions in life. From the time she was little, her imagination was captured by nature, animals, biology, evolution, storytelling, film, and creating anything exciting with her own two hands. She made a determination from the time she was eleven and first saw Jurassic Park in the theatre; one day she would help bring creatures to life on screen.

She continued drawing, painting, and sculpting in highschool and throughout University where she got her Bachelor of Fine Arts. After seeing The Lord of the Rings she made a new determination to work at Weta Workshop as a concept designer by the time The Hobbit would be made.

In 2007 she began work at Weta Workshop in the Props Department. In her time at Weta she has worked in Props Making, then in the Sculpting and eventually in Design. Her credits include such films as Avatar and District 9. She considers herself very fortunate to have been able to experience many aspects of pre-producion at Weta Workshop, and she continues to learn from her talented colleagues every day.


Tags: Props

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Pretty AND talented!
Wishing you the best from Washington. Read more.

Pretty AND talented!
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